Solar Warden: The Secret Space Program Built with Alien Technology

We now have the technology to take ET home.” – Ben Rich, CEO of Lockheed Skunk Works, 1993

The story behind this quote is an interesting one. At a lecture held in 1993 at the UCLA alumni center, Ben Rich, the former CEO of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works held a speech about the advancements in space engineering during the previous 40 years. He concluded with the quote about taking ET home while the final image in his slide presentation showed a “black disk zipping out into outer space.”

Was this merely a joke or was he hinting at something?

Over the years, the Skunk Works division of Lockheed has designed and built a number of high-tech aircraft such as the U-2, the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-22 Raptor and the F-117 Nighthawk. Taking this into account, some have drawn the conclusion that Rich alluded to advanced technology being secretly developed and it might be responsible for some of the flying disks we see today.

Seems too far-fetched? We’re on the same page but wait, it gets better.

In 2001, British systems administrator Gary McKinnon hacked his way into 97 U.S. military and NASA computers. He intended to find top-secret files regarding free energy but stumbled upon something bigger. McKinnon claimed to have uncovered a spreadsheet containing names and information about “non-terrestrial officers” and transfers between fleets. He cross referenced these names with a database of all U.S. Navy and military personnel but was unable to find any of the officers. McKinnon therefore concluded they were not of this world and labeled them as “Space Marines”.

In an interview with the BBC, he said he had been motivated by The Disclosure Project because “they are some very credible, relied-upon people, all saying yes, there is UFO technology, there’s anti-gravity, there’s free energy, and it’s extraterrestrial in origin and they’ve captured spacecraft and reverse engineered them.”

McKinnon was discovered just as he was examining the image of a UFO stored in a NASA computer in Johnson Space Center’s Building 8. Caught in 2002, he was facing up to 70 years in prison and several million dollars in fines. However, the U.K. never extradited him to the U.S. and McKinnon managed to avoid prison. Some say that he was able to do so because he had amassed sensitive information that he used as leverage.

He maintains his claim that extraterrestrial spacecraft have been captured and reverse-engineered and now the alien technology is being used by entities in our own figurative backyard.

This brings us to Solar Warden. According to conspiracy theorists, Solar Warden is an ultra-secret project that maintains a fleet (or several fleets) of spaceships that are operating within our solar system. Some say they’re defending us against alien threats. Others say they’re involved in the covert colonization of space.

Shh, nobody on Earth has to know!

Such a fleet would require technology way ahead of what we’ve currently got. In order to send manned missions into the far reaches of our solar system we’d need exotic materials and propulsion systems. But there are some who claim we already do.

I suspect that in the last 60 years or so, that there has been some back-engineering and the creation of this type of equipment, that is not nearly as sophisticated yet as what the apparent visitors have.” -Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth astronaut to walk on the Moon

Even so, who would have the coin required to fund such a venture?

The United States’ black budget for 2014 amounted to some $52.6 billion and they plan on spending around $58.7 B this year. But even this astronomical sum isn’t enough to fund or maintain a secret space fleet. And that’s when conspiracy voices start mentioning the deep black budgets. Whether these programs are myth or reality is hard to tell.

As it turns out, there might be UFOs that were built on Earth, based on technology that originated elsewhere in the universe. And we might have a space fleet without knowing it. Leave a comment telling us what you think about this idea.

Ragnar Larsen


  1. every year at budget time millions of dollars disappear Rumsfeld mentioned this lost money a few days before 911

  2. I totally believe we have a secret space fleet. Theirs so much advanced technology we don’t know about. Anyone that’s not brain washed would concur. Our gov won’t tell us for fear of losing power & control.

  3. We are pupets, all that existing from time of adam and eve ..first they have everlasting life ,”serpent” screw it,then “falen angels” land to screw some woman pussy,than “djinni”is unseen life form living on this planet with us!!they see us while we cannot see them,certain people living good while most of others is in life troubles,and after all is debates about inteligance life in universe :)))where supercluster”lineakea” holding that many galaxy as many stars is in milky way and all together as supercluster is only part of everything!!!do i geting ridiculed by suspicion? ??

  4. The universe contains an estimated 30,000 000 000 000 000 000 000 stars and 10, 000 000 000 000 000 000 that can support life. Of course we are not alone. As for a secret space fleet … That I’m not sure of but definitely monies have been missing and have gone into deep secret black projects. Yes we have back engineered Alien technology and also work with them in exchange for human abductions this excludes and political or government figures or family blood line. Or the contract with be terminated. They all ready had a falling out with a contract near 1970 or so. There are many species of aliens that have and still visit this planet but some have stayed behind and learn and educate themselves how we live. We dont know any more what is real or not. So much disinformation out there specially on the net. We have been told lies through out history and been brain washed by history taught to us in school. We dont know what our true history holds and what it consists of all we know is what has been shown or told to us. Unfortunately if we knew the real truth of our origin is. Religion would be no more and the power the government has over us would be torn apart. Dollar would completely collapse and chaos would spread through countries. If we were told we have free energy and other forms of free power …not needing gas electricity etc. Corporations would fall and crumble. Stock market be shattered. Its said but true. Its all about control and power. If these aliens were smart they would show themselves and show us as people the lies that have been told to us and what has been in secret behind closed doors.

  5. For me, the clincher was when they scrapped the shuttles……I cannot believe they would take themselves out of the equation- there must be something else flying – even if it is less exotic, donut on a rope, craft with pulse jet technology have been tracked on a shuttle flight path – very high and coming in. The other thing is that Ben Rich was the ultimate authority.

  6. Nazi bell anyone? This technology has existed since the late 30’s. Geez is this writer been hiding in a cave all these years?

  7. Who are some of the most wealthy people in the world and could be the only ones to actually lose out if free energy and electromagnetic propulsion systems were to come out? I’ll give u a hint George w bush was one of these people. Of course we have the technology it’s just the policy makers and people in charge were already in the pockets of other people when we got our hands on it. Until the oil is all gone and there is no more money to be made by keeping it secret we will not have our difinitive answers. I believe that people are being abducted because a few people got told some sweet sounding words and made a deal they knew nothing about unfourtantly we will be the ones paying the price.

  8. My favorite quote ” we told the aliens ,give us ur alien technology and you can have all the cow lips you want ” FROM the movie sneakers .

  9. Back in the Fall of 1987, at night, near Pease AFB in Portsmouth, NH, a group of friends and I witnessed a huge black cigar shaped object just hovering silently over the base. This object was huge, at least two football fields wide. You could see the ground lights reflected off the object. After a while, it slowly disappeared behind a cloud. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it. There are other reports of “ufos” being seen around Pease AFB over the years. Pease AFB is no more, but there is a military presence there. There is also a nearby Naval shipyard. It’s my opinion that Solar Warden is likely true, to whatever extent. Our tax dollars hard at work, funding black programs from which we’ll almost certainly never benefit from directly. Go figure.

  10. I always felt the shuttle program was a front, to keep the public’s interest ignorant. Smoke and mirrors, basically. It had a purpose, sure; but ultimately, I believe it was created as a cover.

  11. my wife and I both saw a wingless, cigar-shaped craft flying above us in Tehachapi, Ca. yesterday. It made a sound like a jet yet it had no wings, nor did it have a rotor, ruling out a helicopter. It wasn’t flying excessively fast but after about 30-40 seconds it just disappeared-there was no exhaust contrail at all. We are near Edwards Air Force Base and figured that’s where-whatever it was- came from.

  12. Your black budget figure seems low – maybe it is the official black budget, but I’ve seen reports of 1 trillion budgeted to be spent over three years. Money for such things can also be obtained legally, according the National Security Act of 1947, by laundering it through other government agencies. The drug and arms business is also used to obtain money for black projects.

  13. UFO’s are here, no question, they never left, underwater bases, MAYBE even underground, gov’t permitted bases. But the idea that we have a fleet of our own UFO’s, with super advanced technology, is a little far fetched. I believe alien’s met with Eisenhower out in the desert, I believe we made some kind of agreement with them, that involved us getting some of there technology, but if we had this kind of advanced tech, specifically anti-gravity, we would be using it A LOT more, its a tech that would save the gov’t and private industry billions upon billions year. The most I could believe, is that there are a race of benevolent aliens using their own technology, THEMSELVES, to protect us from malevolent aliens. Anyone who has seen drawings/paintings of what looks like TWO distinct, yet technologically similar, factions at WAR, in the skies over 1500’s Germany, and again over 1500’s France. I could believe there are good aliens protecting us from bad aliens, but the idea that we have this kind of tech for ourselves……..COME ON.

  14. Their operating budgets are nil. They can harvest what they need in space, return here and covert it to cash. H3 and other semi-precious elements. Budget solved. Solar Warden has been around quite a while. you won’t see it unveiled in our lifetimes.

  15. intresting read if we are alone its a mighty waste of the vastness that is the universe in its entirietry as a whole for me there has to be other intelegent life out they live long and prosper people

  16. Lol.lets think about iran contra, iraq gate! Furthermore, viet nam, panama, gernada, Afghanistan, columbia and more! These are drug countries and heavy american involvment .its been sugested thst the drug trade now taken over by america has been fueling a break away society. Solar warden if it does exist is not just an american project but a global one.

  17. Interesting conjectures, but lacking solid proof. All we can do is wonder.

  18. You can believe all that but think it’s far fetched that Solar Warden exists? Not so far fetched imo.

  19. I think the UFO fleet of USA might be resu
    lt of extensive study of ancient Indian texts, this also explains why Americans and European are so much interested in studying Sanskrit.

  20. Search for the Corey Good testimony on Exopolitics website. Allegedly he is a whistleblower , and exist more space programs like ICCC and Dark Fleet (The Nazis allied with the Draco Reptilians) . The first modern humans to occupy moon were the Nazis, their technology were obteined by mediunic ways in the Thule and Vrill society plus the back engineering of a UFO that has fallen in the Black Forest … probably it was taken to Wewelsburg, the Castle of Himmler’s SS . According to Goode they found abandoned alien instalations on Antarctica and on the Moon . Search too by the German Haunebus and Vrill.

  21. I agree!Government use censorship to maintain the power of agencies like CIA,NASA,etc.They don’t wanna lose the strings of manipulation,they wanna remain the rulers of this world by don’t letting anyone learn the truth.I bet we are not alone.99% of videos and UFO’s stories are all fake but i can’t believe that we are alone,space is enormously vast! We don’t know the 95% of the oceans,so how can some people assume that no alien life form exist? think about it.I bet agencies like CIA and NASA had already found evidence of extraterrestrial activities but they simple don’t publish them because they don’t want people to wake up…

  22. LoL. In case Nazis got such technology they were victors. It’s not about manpower, control high orbit and you need no nukes, simple kinetic strikes would do. I am not disputing other thing, but what you wrote is just too far fetched.

  23. True problem won’t be markets, but peoples nature. Okey – free energy, free food, awesome technology. Majority of human population believes in some sort of God created by their religion. Even now they are killing each other for non existent deities. Imagine the carnage when they are faced with the truth. Other are lazy by nature – they expect social state now, then knowing everything can be free…they will not work. And it goes on. Simple truth is – Humankind is not prepared to step up into the next phase in evolution. Small carefully selected groups – yes, but as a whole it would end with the Earth ultimate destruction.

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