Stephen Hawking: “AI Could Spell the End of the Human Race”

In news that we’ve all heard before, Prof. Stephen Hawking warned against the dangers of artificial intelligence in an interview for the BBC.

One of the brightest minds humanity has ever seen, Stephen Hawking has recently began using a new artificial voice system developed by Intel, based on machine learning. Hawking believes that the basic forms of AI that are already available have enormous potential, as long as we know when to stop.

He and many others believe humanity could find itself between a figurative rock and a literal metallic, hard place should it develop artificial intelligence that can exceed our own intellectual capabilities. “It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate,” he said.

The rest of the scientific world has more optimistic views regarding the development of intelligent machines.

In any case, such a breakthrough is sure to change the face of the Earth.


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