Strange Beam of Light Emanates from Power Plant Explosion


Take a look at the following video and tell me you didn’t notice something really strange.

At 1:30 am on February 2, an electrical power plant substation in Escanaba, Michigan exploded. The city is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and its 13,000 residents were left without power for several days following the explosion. Fortunately, there were no injuries and power was eventually restored.

This unlucky incident features an intriguing and unexplained aspect: the mysterious beam of light that can be seen shooting straight up as the substation exploded. Or as some would say, shooting straight down. In this case, could it have played a hand in the power station’s demise?

The strange light was witnessed by many of the city’s residents and some of them filmed it and posted the videos on the internet. Despite this, news about the incident only emerged about a week later. People have started wondering why.

The official explanation was that the beam was caused by ice crystals reflecting the light of a passing train. Anyone with common sense would beg to differ.

While there are a lot of videos showing ‘UFOs’ hovering above or near power stations (nuclear power stations in particular), there were no unidentified flying objects seen in the area at the time of the explosion. However, the skies were cloudy and if the beam had indeed been caused by something from above, it wouldn’t have been visible anyway.

Fans of conspiracy theories suspect a HAARP experiment was behind the incident. We don’t know whether the program has the ability to rain down beams of energy but we will open this can of worms on another occasion.

The last possibility that has been forwarded is the most threatening of them all. Two years ago, there was another explosion at the Combat Readiness Training Center in Alpena, MI, 250 miles east of Escanaba. It received no media attention but there were rumors that it had been caused by Spetsnaz, the Russian special forces. Word has it that the Spetsnaz has a secret plot to bring down the United States’ power grid. Unconfirmed, yet a terrible prospect nonetheless.

It still beats the train headlight explanation, though.

What’s your angle on this?


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