The 5 Most Common Cryptids Caught on Camera



Crawl around on the internet for any length of time and you’re sure to come across evidence of the weird and paranormal. Now that everyone has access to their own recording device and security cameras catch everything we don’t, there’s more mysterious footage than ever floating around. Questionable as it may be, the very proliferation of certain creatures that crop up again and again is perhaps evidence enough to make you wonder…

So what are the most commonly-seen cryptids, and where can you watch them?


First up is the old favourite – ghosts. The Victorians were obsessed with contacting the souls of the dead as much as we’re obsessed with catching them on camera. Whether it’s orbs of energy, misty figures or strange, solid-seeming people who appear and then disappear as suddenly, type ‘ghost footage’ into YouTube and you won’t be spoiled for choice.

Amongst the horror-movie footage and screamer-videos, you can find a few that are so realistic there’s really no other explanation. Have a look at this one of a ghost caught on security cameras at Disneyland –

The figure seems pretty plain, right? And Disneyland, where they deal with a least one death every year must have a couple of spirits hanging around.



Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Treeman, Skunk Ape – every culture on earth has stories of a large, hairy, ape-like beast roaming the wilds and its popularity as a creature of myth is reflected in the amount of footage we have of it. The idea that something has been living so close to us for so long without being identified properly is both frustrating and alluring.

Similarly to ghosts, there are a lot of faked videos out there with people dressed in gorilla costumes strolling through the trees and a shaky camera angle. But there’s also an equal amount of footage that can’t be so easily dismissed, like this one from Maine.



Of course, you can’t miss out aliens! UFO-sightings (as you’ll well know) are relentlessly regular worldwide. There are endless objects which could be UFO’s (which, after all, don’t have to be extraterrestrial in nature – a UFO is just an unidentified object). Atmospheric energy, strange aircraft, even debris from space; these have all been captured on film and uploaded as evidence of beings from outer space.

What’s less common is footage of these beings themselves. Perhaps they’re too shy to show themselves or are simply very good at hiding. However, the evidence is still there:



The legendary ‘goat-sucker’ is a little different to the other entries. It only first appeared in 1995 when several dead sheep were found in Latin America drained of their blood. After that, sightings of the hairless, fanged, dog-like creature exploded all over America and continue to this day. While some explanations offered try to explain away the phenomenon by saying that the creature in question is usually a coyote with mange, it seems strange that sightings only began in the 90’s.

Perhaps the most compelling footage comes from a police camera in South Texas, where they followed along behind the cryptid for several minutes, scaring it with their vehicle.



‘Demon’ is a bit of a catch-all term as, like aliens, it could refer to any number of creatures. What falls into this category is anything that doesn’t quite fit into anywhere else and show sighs of apparition and, often, malevolence. By its very nature, footage of demons is usually the most frightening of all.

The following video show what could be labelled as a ghost; it most often crops up as an ‘angel’. It does show dropped white feathers, but the creature itself is certainly not angelic.


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