The 6 Alien Species Currently Fighting for Control Over Earth

Hundreds of sightings, abductions and first-hand accounts have made it possible to distinguish several distinct alien species that have been in cahoots with military forces, deciding our future without ever consulting us. Below are some of the least obscure ones we could find.

1. The Sirians


Hailing from the Sirius B star system, the Sirians are as advanced as they are ancient. Throughout history, they have imparted their knowledge to human civilizations of their choosing. They gifted the ancient Egyptians with medical and astronomical information and the great pyramids and temples are said to have been built with their help.

The Mayans also had a special relationship with the Sirians, who shared information with this enigmatic South American civilization. The extraterrestrials originating from Sirius B are believed to have played a part in the disappearance of the Maya. They are accredited with leaving behind amazing artifacts such as the crystal skulls.

Another earthly civilization that benefited from the Sirian presence were the Atlanteans; it is believed that during the cataclysmic event that sunk Atlantis, the Sirians were instrumental in leading the rescue operations. Other civilizations have been influenced by the Sirians, the most notable case being that of the Dogon tribe of West Africa.

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Although they were more involved during our planet’s past, nowadays the Sirian’s supposedly play a more subtle role through technology exchange programs. They are often mentioned in connection with covert or exotic weapons research as well as time travel experimentation.

2. The Short Grays


Also known as the Zeta Reticulums, the Grays are some of the most well-known aliens. They are commonly depicted throughout alien pop culture and are the culprits of most alien abductions.

According to most descriptions, they stand 3 to 5 feet tall, have bulbous heads and over-sized black eyes. Although they possess a mouth, they seldom speak, as most communication is carried out telepathically. The short Grays are said to be a genetically-engineered worker race that are controlled by their superiors, the Tall Grays. Their telepathic abilities allow them to constitute a type of hive mind consciousness.

Being genetically-designed to carried out scientific missions, the short Grays are emotionless and cruel. They are alo responsible for creating a human-gray hybrid race.

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Ragnar Larsen


  1. With this Universe estimated to be somewhere about 16 Billion years old and the Earth about 4.5 Billion, I find this quite feasible and quite frankly authentic. My mind allows me to not be so arrogant to think we Humans are exclusive to this Universe.

  2. It is indeed in our DNA to continually kill one and other. Why is this not so prevalent in the one species known as Bonobos ?

  3. Can someone please tell me, if humans are so lowly and unadvanced, why do these highly advanced beings fight over us? And why do they bother to hide themselves?

  4. Bonobos kill each other all the time. They have wars to its pretty brutal one group wants land and food and the others dont want to give it up and it gets gnarly check it out on YouTube. They also have a practice of killing the young of an attactive potential mate, to urge her to mate again. And what gene is that is in our dna that makes us continually kill one another because i have never heard of it although i have read of a “warrior” gene that is something most psychopaths have which is beleived have been more prevelant in our ancient more ape like ancestors meaning that those people may have a higher ape index. None of this confirms or denies the existence of aliens or that they have made contact.

  5. They genetically created an alien work race why would they want us dummy

  6. Never seen so many lame brain comments in one place at the same time.

  7. Relax people. This is purely entertainment! is a website dedicated to presenting mysteries from all around the world. They post articles about unexplained phenomena, mysterious disappearances, historical discrepancies and especially anything UFO-related based on myth. Interesting theories nonetheless.

  8. lol…this guy calling others dumb when he’s clearly dumber himself. It stated that we were created by another different alien race and the tall gray wanted to make a hybrid out of us. Go back and re-read before you make a fool out of yourself.

  9. Six advanced alien races fighting for control of planet Earth and I slept right through it.

  10. we are not alone, i have seen proof of this im no nut just an ordinary person and one day last year i saw an orb 20 feet away, it shot past me turning itself on and then travelled across my sight then turned off, it was about the size of a football and made no sound at all, it was amazing i know it wanted me to see it but seems only me ? as it turned on infront of me then off again, theres more to it than this though as about 2 hrs before this i saw a light in the sky, it flashed then again 3 more times but only when i asked it too believe me or not i dont care its true i went home, it was 2hrs later i come out and saw the orb while walking through my housing estate, i will never forget this experience and no one will ever convince me that we are alone in this universe and that we have never been visited as we ARE being visited right now.

  11. there are beings superior to these “aliens” and they have our backs because we are loved.

  12. “human populations everywhere in this galaxy” (Alpha Draconian) would suggest many other human types in this galaxy which I find interesting if true.

  13. dont beleive the lie and deception, they are all demons and fallen angels, the aliens that are being created (the greys) (reptilians) are demons/fallen angels mating with humans. they dont come from another star system, those are lies spread from the demons, they are liars deceivers and have no credability, they are really smart though and tricked us all so far.. they may be real, but the annunaki and the ones that took the mayans and left crystal skulls are extra dimensional divine beings, angels, demons, want to call them, but not aliens.

  14. Yes, he should go back and reread the article about aliens to AVOID making a fool of himself.

  15. I 100% believe that there is intelligent life out there… but this kind of conspiracy theory article sounds like a lot of excuses for human shortcomings. Many people feel out of control in this chaotic society, and it’s a lot easier to blame aliens for patriarchy, war, government corruption, and environmental/social/economic degradation. Why can’t we stop using aliens and the “illuminati” as an excuse for human evil? Let’s take responsibility and fight for our own future. …Sidenote: the notion that ancient peoples couldn’t have been so smart without alien help is nonsense. Humans are probably not alone in the universe but we are smart, determined, and organized enough to built great things and make great discoveries. You don’t see anyone crediting the work of Einstein, Curie, Pasteur, or Hawkings to aliens.

  16. You forgot about the Crab-Nebulians. They have a non-interference policy, but of course they ignore that. Sounds very similar to humans, doesn’t it? By the way, the Crabs make a delicious appetizer!

  17. I like to play the “blame-game” thus I accuse the off-world entities for all our problems. We, the human race, would never do anything bad to each other or our planet Earth! They have a lot of ‘splaining to do, and truthfully, there is going to be HELL to pay! And soon, very very soon!!

  18. 1Cor15:39 All FLESH is NOT the same FLESH: 40 There are also celestial bodies(ALIENS), and bodies
    terrestrial(HUMANS): but the glory(KIND) of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.
    Col1:16 for in him were all things created, in the heavens(ALIENS) and upon the earth(HUMANS), things visible(FLESH BODIES) and things invisible(NEUTRINOBODIES AND VESSELS?) , whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers(DIVERSE TYPES OF ALIENS), 2Cor11:14 And no marvel; for even Satan fashions himself into an angel(ALIEN) of light(KNOWLEDGE).

  19. Was it an indigo/blue orb? Extremely advanced and benevolent beings, they are also seen golf ball to beach ball sized, are contacting hundreds of certain “special” people, as a wake up call to help humans and the planet, and NOW is important. I recommend going to It is probably best to go back to page 3 of the “News” page and start reading those articles till you are current. Corey Goode (aka,GoodETxSG) is a government whistleblower former MILAB and currently a delegate of the Sphere Beings, a group of 5 advanced ET species, the Orb beings are one of the 5. As their human delegate, Corey actually has physical meetings with them and attends various governmental Secret Space Programs (yes, we have many bases on different planets, humans, us, yep, we’ve been royally deceived and the truth is about to come out). There’s an FAQ page also, full of boggling info, too.

  20. We certainly have our shortcomings, but it’s incredulously more than that. We’ve been so mind controlled and deceived for thousands of years by a brilliant and demonic (I’m not religious, spiritual, yes) con. It would be laughable — and “they” certainly are laughing — if the suffering of humanity hadn’t been so horrific. I’ve left you another post with just a web site, Sphere Being Alliance dot com, where Corey Goode, a former MILAB whistle blower is currently having actual, physical meetings with benevolent superior beings that have already been of such stupendous aid to us, that we are finally, actually able to help ourselves.

  21. It is because in the grand scheme of things, we are critically important. Right now we have highly advanced POSITIVE beings, not fighting over us, but aiding us to save ourselves. It is their calling and it eventually may aid their own evolution to even higher states. The rules don’t allow them to just save us; we have to do that in order to learn how to evolve higher ourselves, just as they did. And what they’re helping save us from are NEGATIVE lower-but-advanced beings, whom have — over thousands of years — coerced now about 35 million humans to carry out their plan to gain control of the world (the New World Order). Brilliant, demonic, successful so far, they’re now failing fast, thanks to advanced beings helping us. Go to Sphere Beings Alliance dot com and also look up The Law of One, which covers “the rules.” That’s several volumes, online for free reading, but time is running out, so I suggest a condensed version in a book called: The Law of One, 101: Choice”

  22. It’s worth a look into David Wilcock’s work and I’ve earlier sent you Corey Goode’s link to the Sphere Beings Alliance. Wilcock thoroughly vets his informants and both Wilcock’s and whistle blower Corey’s claims are further vetted and analyses offered by Dr. Michael Salla at Wilcock concludes that our galaxy is all hominid, that all beings, with very few exceptions, have heads, torsos, two arms-legs-eyes. Variations occur after that, i.e., the pictures of these “6 Alien Species Currently Fighting for Control Over Earth” — which article I do not really agree with, except some details — shows all hominid species, right?

  23. The reason that it IS these classes of aliens that rule over the echelons of society is because these many of the ruling classes for our own society have never changed although much good seems to have come of us experimental homo sapiens… we seem to be unable to change the militaristic, economical, and various other structures of society to easy solutions all because of a *definitely* inhuman greeds..

  24. super article s e more interesting this a new scenary of the century

  25. What you saw was NOT an alien, but an energy from the other side. Most “experiences” are that of the other side you crazy fool.

  26. yes abundantz thats exactly what it was a bluish white light very bright but not that you couldnt look at it in discomfort, it all happened so fast that i never had time to be shocked i was just amazed by it.
    when i saw this light in the sky bliknk at me i said to it do it again and it did then i said do it one more time and it blinked again at this point i was wanting more proof so i said do it again but it wouldn’t i walked off feeling confused was it a ufo wasn’t it one and as if to confirm it over an hour later i went out to the shops walking through a large housing estate it was around 8pm the moon was huge bigger than iv ever seen and it was this that made me look up at it and this is when the orb come it turned on flew past my sight then turned off it was totally silent, i believe this was sent to alieviate any doubt i had earlier which is what it did. and to all you non believers if you saw what i did you would be changed by it iv always believed but this just set it in stone for me.

  27. You should have included Xenu’s people from scientology. They number in the billions

  28. By your mind you must mean your imagination. Because there’s no reason to believe one made up thing over any other made up thing.

  29. I know I will more than likely be viciously attacked and called bigot, trolled on and many other things because of my “religious” perspective but if anyone here really is a thinker or open-minded then that person would at least consider this as a possibility. Here’s a comment I found on facebook under this articale:

    “when the watchers/angels fell in Genesis 6 their offspring (nephillim/giants) were eventually destroyed in the flood….since these beings were not human nor angels, when their bodies were destroted they became evil spirits or demons..with technology (and it has been goin on for at least a century) synthetic bodies are made for these demons and people call them aliens!!! They’re just trying to distort the coming of the Lord cause many will be caught up…but oh they will tell u its ‘alien abduction.”

    Angels and demons have also been know to shape-shift or change their appearance, biblical and non-biblical sources cite that. So many christians and non-christians educated on these things believe these alien encounters and species to be demons in disguise to drive people away from God and to toy around with humans because they’re just sick, evil and sinister like that.

  30. Sounds like you were, indeed, contacted by an Orb being, which is because of who you are (even if you don’t get it right now, you will). It could be a group of Orbs you may see, too. At Corey’s site, at FAQs, Question No. 79 (, someone asks about the Orbs they’re seeing, and Corey provides information you really do need to know. I also recommend reading his Blog articles, starting from the very first one on page 3 and working your way up. Hold onto your hat, yes, it’s a bumpy ride, but also the most exciting, beneficial time in the entire history of humanity. 🙂

  31. You know this is bs because it’s human being centered. Just like when they believed we were the center of our solar system. Anytime a person thinks mankind is that important scientifically or religiously they are often wrong.

  32. The Canadian minister of defense announced couple years ago that there are 4 types. And the ones working with the American government. . The tall White’s. .. Google it .. it’s on you tube. .

  33. LMAO. They are all hominids! How parochial the imagination can be! (And how absurd the human mind when it takes this kind of stuff seriously).

  34. “Imperial Guardsmen, you are the last line of defence against the alien
    hordes that threaten our Imperium. Each one of you brave warriors is
    part of a vast fighting force that will be called upon to serve in the
    eternal war. You will fight on countless battlefields on a thousands
    worlds across the galaxy. And, whether you fight in our great crusading
    armies or serve with the smallest garrison, you must be proud to
    sacrifice your life to save Humanity from its enemies.”-quote from Warhammer:Dawn of War

  35. Lots of claim, e.g. “Sources claim they originate from a star system in the Orion constellation.”
    Any chance to provide some references to these claims?
    In advance thank you!

  36. Imbecils! the Maya were from what is today southern Mexico NOT South America!!!!

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