The Alien Love Bite

There are many signs that recognize the abductees from who never had abduction:

Some are signs connected to the life experiences, unforgettable memories, hidden in the wrinkles of an unconscious. Only few experts discovered their presence.

However, other signs are hard to be seen:

It is about the famous cicatrixes on the body of the people who were abducted.

[cicatrixes] is a mark resembling a scar especially when caused by the previous attachment of an organ or part.

Bud Hopkins (USA) discovered the first historical cicatrix and it was demonstrated in the movie [Intruders]. That cicatrix is very common on the abductees, even if it does not seem present.

“I have run into it first time many years ago while working on a case that seeks the point of for my discoveries or researches: the case of Lonzi, in Genova.” Said Bud Hopkins.

He also mentioned the cicatrix in the first edition of the book that there was a photo of Valerio’s lower leg where the cicatrix was well evident, but already on the second edition the photos were eliminated because of the printing cost issues, so this information was not accessible for readers.

On the other hand no one of the Italian UFO-logical centers has ever published the researches on this argument and so nobody in Italy has ever seen such a “strange” photo, in order to look on own body for anything similar.

It was mentioned many times that the people were dreaming of aliens have or most of them had the same dream, and got the same cicatrix on the lower leg bone or sometimes also on the right one. They were confused about it, they never notice it before, and they did not remember how it has appeared.

These unusual experiences had many things in common with the experiences of abduction, and most of the alien dreamers cannot remember the mark or how they got it.

Their answer were always similar to “No”; but while saying it, their eyes turned down to their left.

This behavior may have lots of explanations, the first one is they could activated their kinesthetic memory, “sensations”, and remembered the sensation that they had while somebody or something were making on him that cicatrix. The second one is possibly that they unconsciously went to search some cicatrix that was unknown to them, but very familiar to their unconscious.

There is one person with his girlfriend came together and she told hi m to show the mark it looked like a cigarette burn the same as the other people who had it.

In addition, he was worried that he does not know what it is, and never saw it before… (?)

The person was puzzled, because this cicatrix was old, and he never noticed it. In addition, Valerio Lonzi had the same reaction after the hypnosis done to him by Dr. Moretti.

Valerio tells that he was on a surgical table and the green or gray men were around him with technological machine similar to the helm of ancient armor attached to the ceiling tilted on him.

Moreover, there is something blocking his head and he could only see a tiny red light in front of his eyes on a horizontal line. At this moment, he felt that there is someone or something was working on his left leg.

In his head, there was a telepathic voice of an alien transmitting a message:

Calm down, we do not want to hurt you; we just want to take a sample of your bone tissue…

After the hypnosis he woke up and does not remember anything and Dr. Moretti asked him

Moretti: So do you know what the cicatrix on your leg is?

He replied by …. I do not know what it is.

There were many incident with the same dreams and the marks but they was not any discoveries to get a clear evidences on the abduction phenomenon or this mark particularly.

So have ever experienced an alien dream? Did u felt it was real? Maybe we should check our legs after waking up …!   

Ragnar Larsen