The Ancient Giants of Nevada and The Mystery of Lovelock Cave

Reid was unable to begin digging himself but news spread and soon, Lovelock cave was attracting attention. Unfortunately, the attention was profit-driven as guano deposits were discovered inside. A company started by miners David Pugh and James Hart began excavating the precious resource in 1911 and had soon shipped more than 250 tons to a fertilizer company in San Francisco. Any artifacts that might have been discovered were probably neglected or lost.

After the surface layer of guano had been mined, strange objects started to surface. This led to an official excavation being performed in 1912 by the University of California and another one took place in 1924. Reports told about thousands of artifacts being recovered, some of them being truly unusual.


Although their claims have not been verified (it comes as no surprise), sources said the mummified remains of several red-haired ancient giants were found buried in the cave. Measuring between 8 to 10 feet in height, these mummies have since been referred to as the Lovelock Giants.


Another intriguing find was a pair of 15 inch-long sandals that showed signs of having been worn. Allegedly, other unusually large items were recovered but have since been locked away in museum warehouses and private collection.

A piece of evidence that remains on-site until this day is a giant hand print, embedded on a boulder inside Lovelock Cave. We won’t go into further debate pertaining to this aspect and its implications.


Needless to say, this discovery has led many into believing the Paiute legend of the Si-Te-Cah might be more than just folklore.

Around the same time as the second Lovelock Cave excavation, another dig revealed a set of equally-disturbing finds. According to a 1931 article published in the Nevada Review-Miner, two giant skeletons had been found buried in a dry lake bed close to Lovelock, Nevada. The over-sized remains measured 8.5, respectively 10 feet in height and were mummified in a manner similar to the one employed by ancient Egyptians.


Another common trait between these mummified giant remains and the ones discovered as far south as Lake Titicaca is the presence of red hair. While some scientists believe the reddish color is a result of the interaction with the environment in which they were buried, the mummies verify the legends, which described the Si-Te-Cah and their kin as red-haired giants.

Proponents of alternative history believe these violent giants were none other than the biblical Nephilim, the forsworn offspring of the ‘Sons of God’ with the ‘daughters of men.’

If this is true, there’s little chance we might get to see any of the giant mummies. Those interested in keeping history secret will never disclose their location.

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Ragnar Larsen


  1. So the Indians told him , an he told the got an they paid his sorry ass money an they took the giant skeleton s

  2. If indeed there were giant skeletons, they would not be kept “secret”. This is nothing but foolishness.

  3. Wonder if there’s any way to check their blood type.. rh- or rh+? Would be very interesting to find out.

  4. Where are the six fingers? The custom of Native Americans holding up their hand and saying “How” was because in obtaining a response they were seeing if the oncomimg person was a five fingered friend or six fingered foe .

  5. Hmm, I recommend Adrienne Mayor’s book “Fossil Legends of the First Americans.” Native Americans saw a lot of ancient fossils, of prehistoric mammals and of dinosaurs. So did people of the old world, and there’s good reason to believe that the Greek legend of the battle between the Gods and Giants, which ended with the destruction of the giants who were hurled down into the earth, was inspired by the fossils of mammoths, mastodons, and other megalofauna of the miocene and pliocene eras. The bone of a mammal, out of context, as fossilized bones often are, can look a lot like a human bone, and might be mistaken for the bone of an enormous human.

  6. These things are real. I’m native American and I live there my younger years. My great grandmother told me stories about our tribe killing these things. They was black bearded giants and red haired ones. They eat and take what they want.

  7. To publicize such finding would have a direct effect on our believe system as we now know it. If you read the book of Enoch you would know why. Angles were supposed to be spiritual beings right? How cold they be so attracted to the daughters of man enough to take them as wives? Only flesh and blood things are interested in such humanly desires. Every early painting of Adam and eve indicate they have belly buttons. How if they were born from earth and breath of life.

  8. You are quite right, with the exception of one single thing. The human skull. No bone in existance can be mistaken for a human skull upon close inspection.

  9. Because that has been the nature of mankind on this planet. Spread out and conquer.

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