The Bermuda Triangle Myth

A German historian/scuba diver has recorded the exact location of the magnetic fields in the Bahamas coast.

Scientists have shown that the figures are possibly caused by micro-wormholes. They’re researches led them to wonder whether the American base on Andros Island is not-perhaps on account of these wormholes – an “Underwater Area 51 of the Caribbean.”

They reached some new conclusions concerning Atlantis and the Bahamas. 

Oceans of ink have been spilled over the Bermuda Triangle, the paranormal grab-bag of missing vessels (hundreds of ships and scores of planes), magnetic field, outpourings of fog, UFO sightings, much more. Speculation has gathered and being reported, the most important being that the Bahamas archipelago is comprised of the mountaintops and higher areas of the lost continent of Atlantis, sunk beneath these waters millennia ago. 

As the practicing historian, he never expected to have anything to contribute to this controversy, which tended to entirely dismiss. 

In 1995, he was sent by his company on a six-month stint to Nassau, Bahamas, with his wife and children. The German customers were the travel companies Inter Airlines and Airplane, his task was to develop tourist programs for scuba divers and help customers who were already there. 

In the course of work, he heard persistent reports on boats who had sudden conflict in their compass readings which had put them right off course.

As a historian got the better he decided to look for magnetic field anomalies in the places where the deviations had been noted, and try to bring back exact figures for those deviations. 

Over the course of several weeks, he carried out one to seven dives a week, depending on the time we had available. 

Dressed in with fellow crews a scuba gear, and singly or in pairs, they dove to locations several times and they found clear evidence of deviations at four locations

Over the next few months, I communicated these figures to a number of physicists around the world. To a one, they told him that such magnetic field anomalies could be caused by briefly-appearing micro-wormholes. They could think of no other explanation for the deviations. Prof. John Wheeler, of Princeton University, in Princeton, NJ, has given the name of “wormhole” to what he believes may be “transit tunnels” between different dimensions of reality.

He knew that the theory of compass deviations as being caused by “stargates” went back some way (though, as far as I knew, I was the first to come up with any figures); I was now told that the extremely high incidence of UFO sightings in the Bahamas archipelago had been associated by some researchers with these stargates. 

He was further told that many of the sightings took place near the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC), the American base on the Bahamas island of Andros, and some researchers believed AUTEC might be an underwater “Area 51”- a place where secret research was being carried out on UFOs by the American government, and which, from time to time, was even visited by UFOs. 

By any reckoning, this is a huge amount of underwater space. 

He has been told of a conspiracy and suppression theories of a very dark nature which have been burgeoning around the subject of AUTEC as an “underwater Area 51,” just as they have been around the subject of the real “Area 51.” 

And it is possibly the blue holes may, perhaps, have been formed by the popping in and out of the existence of micro-wormholes. 

Since so much of the far-fetched material his investigation had turned out to have some basis in reality, however indirect, He decided to investigate the story that the area of the Bahamas is the site of the (not completely sunken) continent of Atlantis. 

Many have long believed that Bimini is a remnant of Atlantis. And by using the latest technology, scientists from the British Government’s Building Research Establishment have even discovered tiny amounts of coal and gold in apparently man-made stone found on the seabed at Bimini. 

They believed that some of the stones making up the wall appear to be man-made, not because they came from Atlantis, but because they were left there during the American Civil War. 

In those days, a great many ships ran the Union blockade to bring trade to Confederate harbors. Pursued by Union ships, these vessels often escaped into the shallow Bahamas waters where the big man-o-wars couldn’t follow. 

He discovered there are numerous “ghost stories” associated with the Bahamas, and that the shamans of the area are reputed to have almost godlike-powers. I came away with the impression – one that can scarcely be proven scientifically – that there is a high degree of psychic, even “interdimensional,” energy in the Bahamas archipelago. 

Ragnar Larsen