The CIA’s Failed Plan to Use Modified Cats as Spies

With a specific Cold War era creativity, the CIA once turned a cat into a walking, meowing spy. It’s 100% real and it was called Project Acoustic Kitty. The feline spy was even sent on a mission.

However, the mission was abruptly terminated due to unforeseen circumstances.

It all happened in the 1960s, when relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union were extremely tense. Spying on the Kremlin would have to be done in the most inconspicuous of ways, so the CIA came up with an ingenious idea. Turning that idea into reality would be the job of the Directorate of Science and Technology, a branch of the Agency tasked with developing and applying intelligence gathering technology.

Their efforts culminated with a veterinary surgeon performing an hour-long procedure through which the cat was equipped with the latest in spy technology. A microphone was implanted in its ear canal and a radio transmitter was fitted at the base of its skull. A thin wire antenna was weaved into its fur.


The Agency had big hopes for the cat and they were hoping to train it to eavesdrop on foreign officials. Obviously, none of them had ever owned a cat.

For its test run, it was taken by CIA staff to a nearby park and tasked with spying on the conversation of two men sitting on a bench. Ignoring the test, it ran into the street and was run over by a taxi. In a matter of seconds, the pinnacle of a multi-million dollar feline espionage project was no more. A sad story.

Today, such inhumane treatment towards animals would undoubtedly be qualified as upper shelf cruelty. Fortunately, humanity learns from its mistakes and recent experiments focus on insects, such as DARPA’s cyborg cockroach project. It’s like thy’re desperately trying to start the robot apocalypse!

latestRIP Acoustic Kitty


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