The Extraterrestrial ‘Egg’ That Came From the Skies: Ancient Aboriginal Legends


Quite a number of ufologists believe that myths are not a form of metaphorical and symbolic fiction but rather a form of ancestral memory, heavily distorted through the ages. This theory claims that myths are deformed mirror images of real events that were far beyond the understanding of the people who witnessed them.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at an old Aboriginal legend. The tribes near the sacred Uluru/Ayers rock in central Australia believe their ancestors came from the stars, a long time ago.

According to the legend, a red colored egg came down from the sky. It tried to land safely on the ground but didn’t succeed and crashed. Out of the cracked egg came white-skinned heroes and their children. Does this seem like the retelling of a crash-landing or not?

Soon after, the heroes died. Were they unable to accommodate to our atmosphere? However, their children survived and adapted to Earth’s environment. Not wanting to let their parents’ memory perish, the children painted their figures on cave walls.

In time, the great red ‘egg’ rusted and its remains merged with the surrounding ground. The heroes’ children grew in numbers and their children populated the land. Their skin turned black with time in response to the arid climate.

The depictions of their ancestors still survive, their apparel eerily reminiscent of the spacesuits of modern-day astronauts.

Fiction or collective memory morphing through time? You decide.


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