The Illuminati: Descendants of Reptilians

In the mythology of UFO disinformation, the aliens Anunna would have a human form, and the Illuminati would be their descendants.

According to some documents we can understand that our planet is in the hands of three major human oligarchic groups (the Western world, the Russians and the Chinese) all of them « dangerous, cynical and corrupt. »

Once more, disinformation is at work trying to hide these dangerous oligarchic groups – truly terrestrial –, behind a smokescreen of preposterous Illuminati aliens… This being another good reason to give power to these dangerous groups who would be glad to appear as the ‘protectors’ of the poor Earth’s citizens against the purported of Illuminati aliens…

A worldwide accepted would be like icing on the cake of a Machiavellian maneuver… Machiavelli teaches that the prince should be feared, but still not be hated.  If he is hated, the people will turn against him; only if he is feared he will maintain his authority and power. So, from this point of view, it is a good practice to maintain fear, without turning it into hatred. A people kept in fear remains « calm ». He dares not stand up against the power. A people who begin to hate his sovereign will seek to overthrow him and he will follow those who lead the revolt. All tyrants of humanity know that.  Playing with insecurity and using fear requires calculating, cunning and Machiavellian skills.

Concerning the Reptilians who also embody disturbing characters, Zecharia Sitchin had quarreled with David Icke about this subject. Zecharia Sitchin has knowingly ignored the various Sumerian records describing gods who have the form of a « crocodile » or, by extrapolation, a « reptilian » nature.  Zecharia Sitchin wanted his theory fits with the Bible.  To him, the gods could not be in the form of the Biblical Serpent! But seeing that the « reptilian tide » was gaining momentum, he did not insist too much and ended by avoiding the subject just to take advantage of it and to surf on the wave.

Several hypotheses can be put forward to explain why the Anunna gods are sometimes represented with the form of a « crocodile ».

The first assumption is that the references to reptilian-like animals and, possibly, their connection to the human race are the remnants of a distant collective memory conveyed through the ages.

The first Jerusalem Bible texts themselves seem clear to rely on the Sumerian writings. It is likely that they were, in fact, the first vectors of a written transposition of a long oral tradition. The memory of traditional knowledge seems to have conveyed through the ages the idea that reptiles had preceded mammals. This ancestral knowledge broadly confirms the modern science of the twentieth century including cerebral evolution with the first brain triune theory of Paul MacLean in 1969.  By the way, this highlights that our ancestors, far from being idiots in animal skins, armed with a club, were on the contrary, very clever when observing the world and analyzing it… If that had not been the case, mankind wouldn’t have yet reached our present stage of development…

One can nevertheless make an objection to this first hypothesis, while formulating a second one. The racial dissymmetries highlight different ethnic groups. Neanderthal man, for example, had a significantly larger average height (about 1.85 m) that the average Homo sapiens which was his contemporary (about 1.60 m). Similarly, the man of Flores had a very small average heightl, about one meter. This fact makes us to consider as quite plausible the assumption that the Egyptians Shemsus were a specific ethnic group.

The Sumerians refer to the « giant snakes with ruthless jaws ». Did they find dinosaur fossils sufficiently evocative of the past of these carnivorous animals? Or could they have had other sources of information? Besides we can ask ourselves why and how these « furious dragons » could have transformed themselves to become « like the gods »? Might the Egyptian Sheamus have been a clan of extraterrestrials called Nungal? This is a hypothesis that certainly deserves to be studied among others…

Ragnar Larsen