The Man with The Burned Leg

When I was a kid I used to have fights with my parents, and I think all kids do .. sometimes we talk and solve these fights and sometimes we don’t but the thing it is different in Egypt. If you are a kid and had a fight with your parents and went to sleep at night well that’s a bit of a problem .. because he comes at night to get you and there is nothing to stop him.

This creature is different from other ghosts or scary monsters we used to know, he doesn’t fear anything and he is different .. all the myths and storytellers say he is fearless … which makes him extremely scary and dangerous to kids. Not many kids have seen this creature but the ones who have seen them they described him as a normal human with a full burnt on both of his legs or mostly one of them. he feasts on the blood of the children and sometimes kidnaps them …. He only appears at night, he has long teeth, red eyes, and big physic.

Picture describes how the man with burned leg looks like

nobody knows his true origin but they say that he had a rough childhood from his parents that led him to be this kind of monster and some say that he was kidnapped by the “Boogeyman” himself and made him what he is now and this is the short story … but the long story says that there were a bunch of kids at the ancient times were studying under a lamp in the street, after they finished their work one of them decided to have a walk around the village, while they were walking they saw a girl crying on the street, so they rushed down to her and asked her what happened to her.. but the girl didn’t answer … except while they were talking to her they saw her legs .. a goat leg burned monstrous leg … so the kids ran away to get some help or call the police and finally they found a policeman and told him the story and about her burned goat monstrous leg .. so the policeman was thrilled but not surprised about it and he answered them with “do they look like these” and the policeman had the same legs as the girl had .. some say that this was the original “Boogeyman” and the girl was his first victim .. there were reports of kids disappearance in the countrysides of Egypt saying that the last time they had a conversation with their kids and then they’ve gone missing the next day, so they confirmed that this was the man with the burned man legs who took them.. but who knows ..

All I can say is what we learn in Egypt .. is to never have a fight with your parents and go to sleep because when u do .. he’ll be in front of you ….!!!

Ragnar Larsen