The Mysteries of the Left Handed Path…

In every culture there is a notion of duality, that duality is the basic construct of society and culture. To early hunters and gatherers this duality might manifest in the most fundamental concept of life vs. death, but as time went on duality was manifest in religion. From the ancient notions of the gods of the Sun fighting the gods of the darkness to the Hindu god Shiva who embodies both destroyer as well as benefactor. In Christian religions there is the idea of God fighting an eternal battle against Satan/Lucifer for the very essence of humanities soul.
In all cases duality represents a kind of binary option, meaning good/bad, right/wrong, and dark/light. In binary, the zero and the one, meaning on and off, represents this duality. Mostly these binary options represent a symbolic battle of light vs. dark or good vs. evil and that is where we plan to dwell today, in this moment.

Symbols of the Left Handed Path
In both cases both the Left Handed Path and Right Handed Path are a symbolic system for the classification of occult practices. Its classification does not mean this is necessarily correct but many occultists subscribe to these notions and there is lies the rub.
For more then 20 years, the modern time of conspiracy (it goes back much further…), there has been a belief that a small group of people, the Illuminati or Powers that Be, have controlled our small blue spec in space and indeed have a master plan for its evolution. Purported to believe they are part of a magical blood line as well as illuminated intellectually, this cabal has through the centuries created an oligarchical power system where less then 1% of the total population controls over 90% of the wealth. You can argue about that exact balance but in the end run a very small elite group controls everyone else. This is almost a mainstay in conspiracy research or at least it is as much of a constant as is possible to exist.
It is also believe that through their control system they seek to devolve the human population into a feudal style system where the mass population exists as slaves to perpetuate the power of the masters. It is probably because of this many of their activities have been construed as being Satanic or Lucifarian in nature. In occultism terms these powers that be would be followers of the Left Handed Path and as occultists they dwell in a space driven by symbols. Lets face it, symbols are everywhere and very important in society, and its important to these guys too.

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