The Mystery Of The Crystal Skulls

There’s an old Native American legend that tells of the existence of thirteen ancient crystal skulls that hold great powers. As the tale goes, there were once twelve planets inhabited by humans and a skull representing each one of them. The thirteenth skull linked the rest. The skulls possess sacred knowledge about humanity’s past and future and our destiny as a whole.

One of the thirteen skulls.

The legend goes on to say that in a time of great need, the skulls could be discovered and then play a major role in guiding mankind on the right path. By then, we would need to be mature enough as not to be overcome by the great potential they hold.

The first crystal skull was found in 1924 by Anna Le Guillon Mitchell-Hedges, the adopted daughter of British adventurer and author F.A. Mitchell Hedges. While exploring the ruins of  Lubantuun – “The City of Fallen Stones” in modern-day Belize she stumbled upon an altar in a great temple pyramid. Hidden within the altar was this crystal skull. Although it was found in a Mayan site, Anna and many others believed it originated somewhere else and it might not even have earthly origins. The Mayans could have merely been previous owners of this skull and not its maker.

Since its discovery, the skull has been at the center of archaeological controversies. Nobody can tell for sure where and when it was made and what purpose it served. Regardless, many people make claims about its mystical powers and the stories surrounding this fascinating item are full of strange and unusual phenomena.


Anna lived to the ripe old age of 100 and she said she owed her longevity to the healing powers the skull possessed. She said that she was healthy and happy thanks to her crystal skull.

Throughout the years, various people came in contact with the skull and many of them reported that it communicated with them and safeguarded them in various ways. Some of these people had the chance to spend lengthy amounts of time with the artifact and they claimed it sometimes had an aura and that sometimes pleasant chants emanated from it. The skull talked and sang, just as the legend said.

It sometimes provided visions and hundreds of men and women said that they witnessed incredible events from the past and future such as images of sacred sites and ancient rituals as well as scenes from the Earth’s ancient history. They saw the passage of time, the rising and lowering of seas, the continents shifting, destruction and creation. Another common image was a spaceship in its interstellar journey.

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Ragnar Larsen


  1. I don’t know why so many artifacts are considered fake. It smells a lot like a conspiracy meant to keep us away and in the dark. I want to believe these skulls are real but if I can’t believe the scientific community then who can I trust?

  2. The Mayans were mysterious people and their origins are shrouded in darkness. Plus, they kind of disappeared in a mysterious way too. Coincidence? Not to me.

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