The Myth and Truth about the 13,000 Year-Old Alien Satellite

Some of you might have heard about the infamous Black Knight Satellite and its associated mystery. For those of our readers who haven’t, we’ve prepared this article. Enjoy!

The story begins in 1954, three years before mankind launched its first artificial satellite, the Soviet Sputnik 1. On May 14, 1954, several newspapers published articles centered on a statement belonging to retired Major D. E. Keyhoe. At the time, Keyhoe believed the Earth was circled by one — if not two artificial satellites. Scientists at the famous White Sands government facility in New Mexico were actively researching this possibility and trying to determine the purpose and origin of these objects.

black knight satellite news report

Later that summer, Aviation Week magazine attempted to explain the mystery by saying the two satellites’ orbits had been mapped out at an altitude of 400, respectively 600 miles above Earth.

Pentagon scare over the observance of two previously unobserved satellites orbiting the Earth has dissipated with the identification of the objects as natural, not artificial satellites. Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, expert on extraterrestrial bodies from the University of New Mexico, headed the identification project. One satellite is orbiting about 400 miles out, while the other track is 600 miles from the Earth. Pentagon thought momentarily the Russians had beaten the U.S. to space explorations.”

Keep in mind that this was all happening during the space race, when spirits were high and tensions were higher. The competition between the United States and the Soviet Union fueled the paranoia as each nation raced towards the sky.

Many astronomers suspected a large satellite was indeed orbiting the Earth and by 1960, even the U.S. Department of Defense acknowledged this alien presence.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 — An unidentified, silent satellite has been discovered circling the Earth in a near-polar orbit by United States tracking stations, the Defense Department said today. The identity of the mystery satellite — which has been dubbed “the dark satellite” are not known despite nearly two weeks of tracking.”

It wasn’t long before people made the connection between the unknown object and Nikola Tesla. In 1899, he had detected a repeating radio signal and believed it originated in outer space. The enigma surrounding the black satellite was deepened by its strange behavior. Virtually all the artificial satellites had been launched on West to East orbits (following our planet’s natural rotation) while this one circled Earth on a polar orbit, from North to South. Interestingly enough, polar orbits are employed by modern observational satellites that carry out mapping missions. So, was the Black Knight Satellite an observational unit? If so, who put it there?

black knight satellite 1

Some astronomers who claimed to have observed it said the object would disappear, only to reappear in a different place, traveling along a different orbit. They also reported it was moving twice as fast as any other known satellite.

The Black Knight is often mentioned in conjunction with astronaut Gordon Cooper’s historic flight. In 1963, on the last of his 22 days spent in orbit, Cooper radioed Muchea Tracking Station in Australia, telling them that he was able to see a glowing green object rapidly approaching his capsule. Although his sighting had received live coverage by the National Broadcasting Company, reporters were forbidden to question him upon his return to Earth. Although Major Cooper was a stern believer in aliens and their presence here on Earth, there is no link between his sighting and the Black Knight.

An interesting yet unverified aspect is the alleged decoding of the radio message the satellite is said to broadcast. As the story goes, ham radio operators who picked up the alien transmission managed to interpret it as a star map that pointed to Epsilon Boötis, a star in the Boötes constellation, located at a distance of 52 light years from Earth. Interestingly enough, in Babylonian mythology, the Boötes constellation was depicted as the god Enlil, the chief divinity among the Anunnaki on Earth.

Almost every article on the Black Knight Satellite mentions its age of 13,000 years without referencing the origin of this claim. In 1973, Scottish astronomer and science fiction writer Duncan Lunan said he had succeeded in decoding the message caught by two Norwegian physicists in the 1920’s. The message was said to have come from a probe orbiting the Earth in the same Lagrangian point as the Moon and that probe had been sent a long time ago by the inhabitants of a planet orbiting Epsilon Boötis. The message read:

Start here. Our home is Epsilon Boötes , which is a double star. We live on the sixth planet of seven, coming from the sun, which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has one moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planets each have one. Our probe is in the position of Arcturus, known in our maps.”

The star Arcturus was pictured in the deciphered star map in the position it occupied 13,000 years ago, hence the supposed age of the Black Knight.

Lunan’s theory was picked up by Time magazine and included in several documentaries. However, in 1976 he acknowledged it was flawed and withdrew it, only to revise and reinterpret part of it in 1998.

black knight satellite 2

There are a number of famous photos that allegedly show the alien satellite. The official explanations for the object they show is that it’s nothing more than a thermal blanket that had come off one of the many satellites we’ve put up there. While this might be the case, it only explains the photos and not the Black Knight itself, as the unknown object had been reported prior to these photos.

Another aspect is that these famous photos show an object far smaller than the one indicated in earlier reports, which was said to be as large as a city block. On a side note, the vimanas portrayed in ancient Hindu texts were of similar size. Perhaps there’s a connection between the two.

And since no one can deny the size and scope of the UFO phenomena, it stands to reason that among all reports of flying saucers in our skies and oceans we can fit one more: a huge alien satellite orbiting above our planet.

Like with most things related to the unexplained, there is an aura of misinformation surrounding the Black Knight Satellite. Keep in mind, this is the internet, the place where things come to get blown out of proportion.

One last thing, before you go. In medieval times, a black knight was one who had no allegiance or opted to hide it by covering his colors and emblems, effectively stating that he served no lord. Quite a fitting name for an enigmatic alien watcher, isn’t it?

Ragnar Larsen


  1. We do not what has really happened in the past – we have little information in our history books so much is left to conjecture – Yes I believe what we call “aliens” did or still do exist somewhere – too many odd sightings and stories abound around the world and many ancient items have no real explanation – so possible this Earth of ours may have been on the tour routs for ancients of eons ago – but we have no proof so all is up to the individual to make their own conclusion . Almost like Roswell and the sudden growth of 51 area – a lot left to each persons mind – why ? because Governments deny all because of FEAR

  2. It’s time to loooofk at the 800 pound gorilla. All this “we have no proof” is a lie. The river of denial starts with the egyptian artifacts. The strange skulls are not human. The Megalithic structures are not possible unless some other intelligence intervened. The government has been leakingtrue sties and saying they are bot tru for years.

  3. From Sergeant Clifford B. Stone (US Army) who belonged to a secret ET Retrieval Team: “We have contact with aliens – not originating from some foreign country, but from some other solar system…and I have been a party to that.”

    Discover more about our contacts with aliens:

  4. It could be that we are all descendants of Aliens; It could be that other advance civilisation provably from our galaxy did exactly what we are trying to do with Mars and other planets; colonizing those world to to preserve our specie. If Genesis is true then we are literately descendants of aliens. Why we don’t have more evidence? because of all natural catastrophes, wars and destructions of so many civilizations throughout thounsands of years has destroyed almost all the evidence… Could be, but hey, that’s just my point of view.

  5. So, we can see the space station, NASA even tells us when and where it appears in our area, but no one has this tracked such that we can just look up an see it?

  6. I believe that we are a DNA mix of them and us. We were genetically created to help build and mine materials and earth resources mostly gold. We have evolved to quick to fast …from a cave man to now. We needed a push we needed teachers and those that were far advanced in all aspects. Look up the Sumerians. I have heard and done much research on this civilization. The library of knowledge that was given to them and now all of a sudden vanishes after US invade the middle east.
    Apparently US found a star gate there. Who built them. A satellite that was doing research on us … is like we are in a test tube and earth is the experiment and us living on it. To see how we evolved and what we have learned as this species. They of course spying on us just like our government spys on there own. We are the Aliens. Just a different breed.

  7. They track debri the size of a baseball in our orbit and regularly track over 2,000 pieces of debri. If there was a rogue satellite they would know exactly where it is.

  8. Its odd that we can explain the rest of earths history almost perfectly.
    If you say that natural and man made disasters destroyed the evidence
    than I don’t believe you. Natural disasters don’t select what they leave
    behind and we have tons of evidence of ancient human cultures,
    dinosaurs and even the creation of the moon. The pyramids, stone
    henge… etc are easily explainable to those willing to listen. Its kind
    of unfair to those great cultures that were able to do some incredible
    things without extraterrestrial help. If something/someone came
    from another planet you would think we would have at least one piece of
    irrefutable evidence, but alas, there is none(if something could
    actually be proven, it would be in a text book). Anything is possible
    I’m not going to put my beliefs in hear say and stories passed down from
    previous generations. We already have enough blind followers in
    religion, lets not do the same with science and facts.

  9. Interesting how it points to 13,000 years ago. Look into the work of Randall Carlson, Graham Hancock and others all point to this time in history as a major turning point in history, flanked by a devastating mini ice age that ended most likely with a meteor or comet collision. If humans have been around for almost 200,000 years in more or less our current form, it is safe to say humans might have achieved technological knowledge equaling or even surpassing ours in our ancient past. I believe everything we attribute to “aliens” may be remnants of an ancient race of humans that had to escape the planet to survive an extinction event. How would we survive such an impending event we knew was coming but had no way to stop? Send an “ark” into space or to the moon so when the dust settled we could return and re-populate the earth, trying to save the species. Maybe they are still here, or at least their bloodline. This would explain a lot of “mysteries”, ancient megalithic structures, ancient astronomical knowledge, even aliens, without breaking any laws of Physics we know today. Just a thought.

  10. um… take a minute and watch the “what happens if humans disappeared today” special Discovery did not too long ago. In less than 10,000 years nothing we made would be around, no evidence of our existance would survive besides a couple major stone monuments, the Hoover Dam and Mt Rushmore. In fact, we have built star maps into these structures just in case they outlive us and another civilization finds them thousands of years later. The idea that our planet is incapable of scraping every last piece of evidence humans ever existed in a rather short period of time is foolish, with sea levels rising, dropping, glaciers grinding 2 miles over 1/3 of the northern US, asteroid impacts that cause every living thing on earth to catch fire, super volcanoes, possible pole shifts… We are so temporary here it’s a little scary.

  11. Sure they know it’s there. But they are not going to tell you. Governments are full of secrets.

  12. “a probe orbiting the Earth in the same Lagrangian point as the Moon” … ? The Earth-Moon system creates Lagrangian points but the Moon is not at one of those points!

  13. What are you referring to, THIS IS ABOUT A SPACE SATELLITE NOT A MAN MADE STRUCTURE. Furthermore,Those who voice the “humans are capable” point of view have a very small but valid argument, but my heart sinks when I hear the “It would be in text books” argument. Nieve to think that the cover up does not go that far. The inability to think for ones self is the flaw. My understanding lies in the “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” offense that is presented. If you’re waiting for an official news release you are sadly mistaken. You are blindly following and trusting the gov’t. So many new learned facts about numerous historical events are never corrected and the long standing inaccurate version is left to continue misleading the public.

  14. Nicely stated, My understanding of the Sumerian Annunaki story will not allow me to accept this valid but unprovable postulate.

  15. Actually there’s more proof of extraterresrial past communications than how they have been able to build pyramid, stonehedge, etc. (those sacred masterpiece has enough myseries by the owns to proof it.. (very advance math, archytecture, astronomic, symbolistic knowLEDGE) 😉 At that day, there is still no scientifical proof of how they made them., Even tho, they tried with our actual technology to reproduce one of the pyramid and it was a failure… As religion has tried to keep us away of scientific knowLEDGE, I may believe that some ancient ”gouvernement” has destroy alot of our past histories data, for some reason .. In order to protect us, help us or enslave our minds…. wHo REALLY knows, but we must stay open minded to all possibilities. There’s is missing leak in the history of human consciousness, we must tryna link them togheter somehow.. 😉

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