The Occult Entities – Part 2

Let’s continue with occult entity .. in this part

Some of the occult entity appears to be physical like ourselves while others are quasi-physical and they normally inhabit a higher meta-reality and linear time and project themselves into our reality as required. 

Through the technology and mind-power they can,

  • Defy gravity
  • Alter the local rate of time
  • Create structures containing more internal volume
  • Dephase solid objects
  • Create wormholes
  • Read human thoughts
  • Communicate telepathically
  • View probable futures with great accuracy
  • The term “occult entities” (OEs) refers to non-alien autonomous intelligences lacking physical bodies.
  • thoughtforms or etheric parasites, which are rudimentary constructs generated in the etheric plane by intense human thoughts and emotions, and which like leeches seek out more of the same nourishment that created them
  • demons, who are particularly malicious entities consisting of powerful thoughtforms, parasites, and degenerate human or alien discarnates

OEs inhabit nonphysical realms called by occultists and “astral” planes.

  • The etheric plane is a boundary zone between the physical and metaphysical. It is a subtle energy medium that permeates, underlies, mirrors, and contains the physical universe. Not only does it contain copies of physical objects but it also contains etheric entities and constructs that have no physical counterparts.
  • The astral plane is an entirely metaphysical plane of consciousness that has little correspondence to locations in our space time continuum.

As living human beings, we have not only physical bodies, but also etheric and astral bodies. The latter together comprisethe soul.

The more OEs inhabit the astral plane in their native, weakened, or dormant state. There, they can affect us mentally and emotionally because our astral body extends into the astral plane.

If an OE acquires sufficient etheric energy, it can then condense for itself an etheric body and inhabit the etheric environment, meaning it then establishes a localized presence near the physical plane. And if it gathers even more energy, it may even begin affecting things physically as seen in the poltergeist phenomenon.

But if the OE grows too weak, it loses its grip on physicality and delocalizes back into the astral plane. 

Unlike the nonphysical astral realm of the OEs, the meta-reality inhabited by aliens appears to be a more vibrant and pliable state of physicality with degrees of freedom unfamiliar to us. In the meta-reality, they also have perceptual and technological access to the etheric plane allowing for physico-etheric engineering, which allows them to alter the etheric underpinnings of physicality in order to manipulate physical laws at the quantum level.

Aliens have the ability to dephase their physical bodies out of our physical plane and sufficiently into the etheric such that we cannot perceive them with our five senses. If one were to enter an out-of-body state, then by perceiving through the etheric eyes instead of the physical, one would be able to perceive both dephased aliens and etheric OEs.

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Ragnar Larsen