The Occult Entities – Part 1

What are occult entities (OEs)?

They are nonphysical beings familiar to ghost hunters, exorcists, demonologists, and occultists; they are what we might call,

  • Ghosts
  • Demons
  • Phantoms
  • Shadow people
  • Lower astral entities
  • Thought forms

If the target is amenable to manipulation via an alien storyline, then that is what is used.

These occult entities can easily take the guise of, ascended masters, archangels, spirit guides, departed human spirits. That is not to say the latter is all a farce, just that OEs can mimic them to varying degrees. 

Demon or Alien?

So the concern is that some researchers claiming alien contact may instead be under the influence of one or more OEs. Since they appear sane and show no signs of fabrication, one risks concluding that the contact is genuine and contributes to our understanding of the alien presence.

 So we must develop an understanding of occult entities on how their abilities, limitations, methods of operation work? 

This goes against that aliens are just demons in disguise or that the demons of mythology were all just aliens. It’s not that simple. Experiencers who experienced both occult and alien may notice over time the various to differentiate one from the other; both aliens and OEs exist as distinct categories. 

While much can be deduced from personal observation, the context goes deeper and can only be provided by diving into the existing literature on,

  • UFOlogy
  • demonology
  • metaphysics
  • Forteana
  • occult theory

Toward that end, researchers who searched related subjects for this have corresponded with thousands of contacts who were kind enough to privately share their anomalous experiences. 

To be continue .. to Part 2

Ragnar Larsen