The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment is something that most people have heard of but very few know details regarding this project. A certain theory has become ingrained in popular culture and it makes for a really weird story.

On August 12, 1943 ( October 28, 1943 according to some accounts) the USS Eldridge Destroyer was the setting for a peculiar test performed by the US Navy. The exact details are unknown but some have speculated that it included experiments with magnetic, optical and radar invisibility. Other accounts state that the Navy had attempted to render the ship immune to magnetic mines by a process called degaussing.

The USS Eldridge

The experiment involved creating an electromagnetic shield around the Eldridge by activating two (four according to some accounts) massive Tesla coils. They would act as electromagnetic generators and the field created would envelop the ship, rendering it invisible to radar. Others say that magnetic generators called degaussers were used instead of Tesla coils.

The results far exceeded the Navy’s expectations. As the experiment commenced, a series of strange and unexplained effects took place. The electromagnetic field had extended further than anticipated, about a hundred yards in all directions, forming a bubble around the ship. Within this bubble, the ship’s details became indistinct, some say even fuzzy and a greenish fog obscured the ship from view. A few moments later, the ship vanished altogether, disappearing in a blue flash.

As it would seem, the Navy had stumbled upon some unexpected properties of the strong electromagnetic field they had created. The USS Eldridge not only disappeared from sight, it had disappeared from the physical plane. It appeared several hundred miles away, in Norfolk, Virginia. Reported sightings of the ship stated that it was visible offshore for a few minutes after which it vanished. It reappeared in Philadelphia and it seemed that the Navy had just discovered accidental teleportation.


Conspiracy theorists say that the Navy had based this experiment on Nikola Tesla’s research papers seized by the FBI following his death. According to Tesla, he had just completed an Unified Field Theory that underlined the links between gravity and electromagnetism. Thus, the Navy was able to distort space-time by using powerful electromagnets.

While the experiment had managed to successfully displace the ship within the surrounding universe, this disruption had grave effects on the crew members. During the process, thy found that they could walk through solid objects but when the field was shut off, some men became trapped within the walls and decks of the ship. Others would fade in and out of sight as if they were trapped between dimensions. The remaining crew was so shaken by this that many of them lost their grip on reality and the Navy decided to cancel the operation. The story ends with the crew members being discharged as mentally unfit for duty, not before being brainwashed so they would not remember the details of what some call Project Rainbow.

The US Navy maintains that no such experiment has taken place and that the USS Eldridge’s ship logs place it nowhere near Philadelphia at the date of the supposed experiment. But, as many would point out, logs can be faked and the government and military have lied before in the interest of secrecy regarding matters of national security.

Ragnar Larsen


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