The Physical Traits of an Alien…According to Science


Physically, we just have no information to work from 🙂 But here’s our thoughts:

Some form of visual perception is ideal for survival and manipulation of tools. But there are a wide variety of stars out there and the spectrum in which an alien species may see could be different from ours. There is a point at which that spectrum becomes destructive to living tissue as we understand it, and there is a point at which the amount of energy coming from a local star does not support life, so they will likely be in a range of vision which at least partially overlaps our own.
Perception of sound does facilitate communication, and we do have more species on Earth that are effectively blind, with excellent hearing than we do that are effectively deaf outside of invertebrates, though many of them sense vibration through their bodies. Unless you support the idea of life evolving in the vacuum of space (which I consider not impossible, but highly unlikely) then life needs an atmosphere, and atmosphere carries sound. A successful species will develop every perception of its environment that facilitates survival. I suspect aliens will have a sense of hearing.
As the article above states, manipulation of your environment is best facilitated through use of appendages when you are a low but evolving species. They need not be fingers, on hands, on arms, but something that permits tool use. It is likely they will not be “centipedes” as at a certain point, control of such a large number of appendages probably takes up a significant amount of the brain’s processing power and that does not lead to development in other areas. Insects have other problems as well, but that does not mean that insects on another planet could not develop differently than they have here.

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