The Reason We Stopped Going To The Moon Could Be An Alien Base

The rumor mill never stops churning. On December 14, 1972 the Apollo 17 mission lifted off from the lunar surface and began its trip back to Earth. Astronaut Eugene Cernan was the last man to re-enter the lunar module and thus the last man to walk on the Moon.

Astronaut Eugene Cernan on the Apollo 17 mission
Eugene Cernan on the Moon.

By 1970, public interest in the exploration of other worlds had dropped significantly. Since Kennedy’s deadline for sending men to the Moon and safely returning them had been already met, public figures strongly suggested that funding be rerouted to other pressing matters, such as eliminating poverty. NASA chiefs also feared the possibility of an accident that would result in the loss of an Apollo crew. Budget cuts led them to cancel all subsequent Apollo missions. That’s the official story but theories about the real reason man stopped going to the Moon have been floating around ever since.

Generally, a conspiracy theory requires little fuel to sustain itself and grow but this one in particular has a full tank.

Reports of anomalies occurring on the moon surface date from well before the age of space exploration. Highly regarded astronomers have observed unexplained events on the Moon for hundreds of years. A quick check through history shows that our satellite was never considered fully dead. The man who discovered Uranus, William Herschel reported seeing strange lights over the surface of the Moon in 1783, 1787 and 1821. In 1843, German astronomer Johnn Schröeter was making a detailed map of the Moon when he noticed a six-mile wide crater was disappearing. During a three year study performed by the Royal Astronomical Society from 1869 to 1872 there were more than 2,000 sightings of lights in various arrangements and varying in intensity as if they were under intelligent control.

Many people believe that most of the photos and videos released by NASA are fake since the real ones would have revealed things that could cause panic among the general public. Among these skeptics the common belief is that NASA smudged, airbrushed and edited out various structures on the Moon. These structures were artificial and would have proven once and for all that we are not alone. NASA scientist Dr. Farouk El-Baz once stated that “not every discovery has been announced to the public” and further fueled the suspicions.

Photo taken by the Chinese Chang’e-2 orbiter shows unexplained structure.

Another theory proposes the existence of an alien base on the far side of the Moon called Luna. As I’ve said in the previous article, during the Apollo 11 mission there was a gap in the live television broadcast that lasted for a couple of minutes. NASA said that this was due to an overheated camera that interfered with the reception. During this interval, hundreds of radio operators picked up the conversation between the astronauts and ground control. Supposedly, Neil Armstrong described the presence of two enormous alien spaceships that were observing their actions. Neither NASA nor government officials have ever confirmed that this conversation ever took place.

Here’s a fragment of the conversation picked up:

“Armstrong & Aldrin: Those are giant things. No, no, no – this is not an optical illusion. No one is going to believe this!

Houston: What … what … what? What the hell is happening? What’s wrong with you?

Armstrong & Aldrin: They’re here under the surface.

Houston: What’s there? (muffled noise) Emission interrupted; interference control calling ‘Apollo 11’.

Armstrong & Aldrin: We saw some visitors. They were here for a while, observing the instruments.

Houston: Repeat your last information!

Armstrong & Aldrin: I say that there were other spaceships. They’re lined up in the other side of the crater!”

UFO encounters were common knowledge at NASA, as former chief of Communications Maurice Chatelain said. On Christmas day, 1968 astronaut James Lovell came from behind the Moon on board of the Apollo 8 command module and announced “Please be informed that there is a Santa Claus.” As you might have guessed, Santa Claus was just another code name for alien spacecraft.

During an interview in 1995, former NASA photographic technician Donna Tietze said that the job of a co-worker in a restricted area was to “airbrush out any anomalies found on the Moon photos.” The NASA Library holds millions of photos along with transmission tapes and video reels.

What does the smudge hide?

Before the official Moon landings occurred, there was a heated debate regarding lunar mining rights. Moon rock samples have shown that the Moon is rich in uranium, titanium and the rare isotope helium-3. This non-radioactive helium isotope is rare on Earth and could prove very useful in nuclear fusion processes. According to Buzz Aldrin’s book Men From Earth, there’s an estimated “million tons of He-3 readily recoverable from the regolith formations in areas where lunar solar power stations would be practical.” In 2010, the price of a gram of He-3 is $15,000, three hundred times more expensive than gold. Although the price of putting a small probe on the Moon is around $200 million, this business could still prove lucrative.

Finally, Naval Intelligence Officer Milton Cooper confirms the existence of Luna, adding that a huge mining operation is taking place there and the place also serves as a base for alien mother ships.

It’s obvious that our(?) Moon holds some secrets and to some extent we’re being kept in the dark. Before dismissing any theory though, we have to consider that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. As always, believe what you will.

Dibs on the Moon!

Ragnar Larsen


  1. the moon is most likely hollow and astronauts have noted that when meteors strike it it rings like a bell. it’s probably older than earth and who knows where it came form

  2. the moon may not be a natural rock. it could actually be a spaceship. like the deathstar….. the whole thing could just up n go one day. and then we wouldnt have tides. could we survive without tides.

  3. oooh..evidence…will they show you (a sheep) real evidence?..we’re now live in the world where bankers and greedy corporate asshole are the one who take control..they do no shit to us general population and the earth even if they;re screw up the planet and cause catastrophic disaster they will flee as long as the money goes..they’re are the most selfish creature human had ever created..while u the sheep vote them, praise them..

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