The Russian Roswell


Russia has its fair share of UFO phenomena and sightings have been reported there for decades. It even has its own Roswell.

The top secret Soviet missile base Kaputsin Yar was built in 1946, using materials and technology from defeated Germany. One year after the Roswell incident, a UFO allegedly attacked the MIG fighter sent to investigate the unknown presence. Fortunately, the pilot shot down the UFO using on-board missiles. The remains were quickly taken to the underground facility located beneath Kaputsin Yar.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Soviet rocket scientists then reverse-engineered the alien craft, advancing their budding space program.

In 1991, declassified KGB documents acknowledged the UFO presence at Kaputsin Yar as late as 1989, when another alien craft was reportedly seen hovering over the area for two hours, sporadically emitting a bright blue beam of light. Several military officials testified to witnessing the event.

As a top secret Soviet missile base, Kapustin Yar always had a reputation as a place where mysterious things happened and unidentified flying objects were often seen.


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