The Sixth Sense: Extrasensory Perception

Extrasensory perception or ESP can be described as sensing information with the mind, as opposed to sensing it through the well-known and recognized physical senses. ESP, sometimes called the sixth sense is an aspect of parapsychology (PSI), which is disregarded by mainstream science. Most scientists contest the existence of clairvoyance, telepathy and other metapsychological phenomena.

But their attitude cannot be blamed as these phenomena are short-lived and cannot be recreated at will. They are placed in the same bin as the superstitions, lies and illusions of mankind. Although mentioned all over the world and throughout history, science has turned its back on them.

However, the mystery of existence and moral suffering were much more important to our ancestors than disease or physical suffering. The study of spiritual life and philosophy has attracted more great men than medicine and all the other sciences combined. The laws of mysticism were known way before those of physiology.


Immanuel Kant believed that humans could not understand the ‘essence of things’ through sensing space and time. Based on this idea, PSI phenomena are independent from the constraints of space-time and belong to a ‘pure mental essence’ that the human mind cannot fully understand. This the reason behind the existence of an unknown energy that is emitted, channeled and received by the human body through equally unknown mechanisms. The energy itself could materialize somewhere, a concept not entirely alien in the field of quantum physics.

The issue whether paranormal phenomena exist or not is the reason PSI has been isolated from mainstream science. The gap between these two is deepened by the difficulty of performing unbiased experiments and the lack of a unitary theory. ESP is said to occur spontaneously and under conditions that are not scientifically controlled. These impromptu experiences are much stronger and clearer than those observed in the laboratory. However, it is nearly impossible to replicate these extraordinary experiences under controlled conditions.

Those who believe in the existence of the sixth sense are convinced in the existence of an additional field besides the gravitational, magnetic and electric ones; the mental field. This field is said to contain the collective information of our own existence as well as the reality of the entire universe and all beings are connected within this system. This connection is the driving force behind the coherent functioning of the entire universe, its resonance and harmony.


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