The Storming Continues

In Nevada, U.S, lies the most confidential locations on planet earth. A classified region to The United States Air Force, or at least, that’s what they want you to believe.

The unknown zone has been a part of the media ever since it has fueled lots of people to find what is really going on there. This area is none other than Area 51.

The region has become the subject of many conspiracy and UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) enthusiast. It is widely speculated that the region holds secret information relating to extraterrestrial life and many have even reported numerous UFO sighting throughout the forbidden location.

Area 51 Enthusiasts Booking Hotels for The Raid

Now more than 2 million people volunteered to be a part of the uncover Area 51’s hidden secrets. The organized event on the social media Facebook has grabbed the world’s attention.

It started as simple meme, according to the Campaign’s developer Matty Roberts, but it quickly turned into a reality as a result, is starts to get nervous as to the possibility that he might face legal if the Area 51 raid is executed. Speaking from a confidential identity, the Raid creator had indicated that the whole situation was intended as a joke. Subsequently, his words should not be taken seriously.

The Facebook event became so widespread across the media, that it had even attracted the attention of the United States Air Force.

The Air Force released a statement warning the prospective raiders that it “stands ready to protect America and its assets “. The spokesperson, Laura McAndrews further elaborated that the facility’s guards had been instructed to retaliate with force if the premises was invaded.

The Little A’Le’In

However, the raiders are in pursuit to invade the confidential location despite of the warnings by the US Air Force. This can be seen in the rise in hotel bookings around Area 51, with some such as Little A’Le’In being fully booked out.

Its close proximity to the base and these hotels is a perfect location for Area 51 speculation. Connie West, the “Little Alien’s “owner reported to NPR news that business has been booming as a result of the prospective raid.

Her hotel located 26 miles from the Air Force facility, consists of ten rooms and they have already been filled. She also has offered to use her 30 acres of land to hold Area 51 campers and at least 60 people have already indicated their interest.

What simply started as a joke has quickly turned in a serious situation within a couple of weeks. This not only shows the power of social media but the notoriety of Area 51. The Facebook event creator is beginning to regret what he has started but is it too late? The only thing that is certain with regards to this possible invasion is uncertainty; the uncertainty of what Area 51 might reveal. The questions one should be asking should include: “Are we ready?”, “Will ET be found?”. Stay tuned to find out later this year as the enthusiast begins their preparation for the event which is scheduled to take place on September 20.

Karl Gustav