They don’t want you to know about Antarctica!

In our previous posts, we discussed some strange visits from high profiled people from around the world and we also brought up some mysteries in Antarctica.

In this article, we are going to focus on the Wilkes Land anomaly in East Antarctica.

We told you that this site might be an impact location of an asteroid that might have hit the earth millions of years ago.

Theories have been hitting the internet here and there about this being a cover-up of some sort, to try and conceal a larger picture. Based on observations made on a NASA satellite, they found major gravitational changes that might indicate a presence of an object in the middle of a 480 km wide crater. The area is of course covered in ice and snow, so we haven’t been able to observe this object up close. Or that’s at least what they want us to think.


Related to the story regarding the high profiled visits to the South Pole, we can deduct that something else must be going on in the area around the South Pole. It cannot be a coincidence that multiple (that we know of) VIPs have been to Antarctica ‘just to look at the scenery’. There might be many more that have been there without our knowledge.

Humans never do something just for the just of it. Especially not flying across the globe just to see some snow and ice.

Theories around the internet suggest that there might be an Alien spaceship ‘hiding’ from plain sight, trying to plot something against our Earth, or maybe they are waiting to meet all our leaders to discuss tech, climate change, exchanging knowledge. This might be their Alien diplomacy base to try and establish contact with different leaders from around the world and learn about our different cultures and beliefs. Another theory related to this is, in addition to a diplomatic base, the theory of there being a large fleet of military power protecting these aliens.

We know as much as to there being a huge number of human militaries patrolling the area around the South Pole. Might there be a link between these two things? Humans protecting aliens. Aliens protecting Aliens. Humans protecting Humans from Aliens. We know too little to come to conclusion.


Other theories say that the object in the center of the area might be a portal to another world, called “Hollow Earth”.

Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting another world inside of our own Earth? Many have seen the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth starring Brendan Fraser. A group travels through the Earth to find a lost world of dinosaurs and other creatures with their own ecosystem.

This theory might be a myth but in theory it could also be true. If there is a world under our feet, this might be the portal leading to it.

Ragnar Larsen