Time Capsule Buried 22 Years Ago

The letter stated: “Hello whoever you are.

“This letter was put into this stud wall on Easter Saturday, 15th April, 1995. It is p*****g down and so a good day to be renovating.”

The three-page letter was typed on Word for Windows V5.0, using a “top of the scale” 486 laptops with a humble 8MB of RAM and 240MB hard drive. By comparison, the standard computer in 2017 typically features 8GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive – more than 1,500 times the size and speed of Mr. Wilkinson’s machine.

Greg Wilkinson is now 61 years old and was alarmed to discover the letter on Facebook Mr. Wilkinson’s less successful predictions included: “Paul Keating is Prime Minister. He is pushing hard for Australia to become a Republic by the year 2000. He is a real go-getter, seen as arrogant but street wise.

“He is a strong leader with very little opposition at all and I think he will be in for a long time.”

The letter was written six years prior to the 911 attacks, which launched 15-year US-military campaign in Afghanistan.

Mr. Wilkinson’s predictions on that front fell flat, with the Labor leader serving for only five years, before being ousted by John Howard – he went on to hold the post for the next nine years.

The typed latter was sealed with protective plastic inside a wall cavity The letter also include insights into everyday life, revealing that a case of “really popular” Carlton Cold beer cost £14.90 (AUD$24.95), compared to £35 (AUD$50) a case today, while one liter of fuel would set you back just 40p (AUD$0.68) in 1995.

Mr. Wilkinson was also not a fan of the internet, which he described as a “big deal”, adding: “This is just exploding and every man and his dog wants to ‘surf’ the internet. Please tell me this expression has now died.”

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Ragnar Larsen