Tracing The Origins : Reptilians

In mythology, the serpent symbolizes fertility and procreation, wisdom, death, and resurrection (due to the shedding of its skin, which is not akin to rebirth), and in the earliest schools of mysticism, the symbol of ‘The Word’ was the serpent.

The ‘light’ that appeared was metaphorically defined as a serpent called ‘Kundalini’, coiled at the base of the spine to remain dormant in an unawakened person.

Divinity or awakening one’s Godhood and latent abilities came with the rituals and teachings brought by the serpent people.

To understand them, we must look at the original ‘serpents’.

Loki’s brood
Hel, Fenrir and Jörmungandr.
By Emil Doepler, 1905
(Wikimedia Commons)

In China, it was a male and female pair with human heads and serpent bodies named Fu Xi and Nu Wa who created humans.

In Sumer, it was the Anunnaki Nin-Khursag and her husband Enki who were given the task of creating workers. Enki is known to us as the serpent in Genesis – the one who gave us the ability to think and reason and so was cursed by his brother Enlil for it.

To the Hindus, it was the cosmic serpent Ananta who created us.

So, if, at the dawn of man’s creation we have a pair of serpent-like beings who created us, then those of the serpent cult must have been their direct descendants, either by blood or by spirit.

Fu Xi and Nu Wa,
the mythological serpents
who created humans in Chinese mythology

The next serpent was Enki’s son Ningizzidda, known to the Sumerians, Egyptians and Tibetans.

According to Zecharia Sitchin, he dwelt in Magan, or what is known to us as Egypt, leading theorists to believe he was Thoth who formed a mystery school propagating ideas of self-improvement and enlightenment, furthering his father’s deeds and philosophy.

If Enki and Ningizzidda ruled over Magan as is claimed, then that school would have been a beacon attracting all who wished to gain knowledge, backed by the power and might of Magan.

Is there any other proof to that theory?

It was claimed at the Council of Nicea that,

‘The powers of gods came from Egypt’.

There was a Great White Brotherhood (named for their raiment), a prominent mystery school in Karnak.

A branch of it became the Egyptian Therapeutate who in Judea were known as the Essenes. Jesus, being an Essene, most likely was initiated in Egypt at this mystery school, rising up the levels until he became a ‘Master’.

The Sumerian God, Ningizidda,
represented as the double headed Snake
coiled into a double helix (highlighting the duality in nature),
flanked by two gryphons

Eventually the Anunnaki did lose control of the Earth and its population, which was rapidly expanding, with mankind scattered across the globe forming their own colonies and social structures.

Those who followed the serpent ideology would have been concerned with maintaining relevance while faced with constant change, new religions, and potential threats to their own land which was wealthy.

To both protect themselves and to encourage people to follow their belief system, they sent out emissaries (the ‘Shining Ones’) and we find tales of these Shining Ones the world over.

To simple hunters and fishermen they seemed like gods.

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Ragnar Larsen