Twin UFOs Seen Flying over Loch Ness

While vacationing in Scotland, one family from York went looking for the Loch Ness monster. Instead, they managed to take a photo of two UFOs over the famous lake.

Alan Betts, his wife Anna and her parents were staying at a holiday cottage near the 13th century ruins of Castle Urquhart when the unusual photo was taken. However, the two mysterious objects were invisible to the naked eye and the Betts only saw them as they were going through the photos back home.

Understandably, they were amazed to spot two glowing white, disk-shaped objects in midair over Loch Ness. They remembered their dog Yuka had been surprisingly agitated the night before they took the photo:

He never barks but I remember we were laughing at the time saying that he’d seen Neesie because he was looking outside from the cottage window and barking at the sky,” Betts said. “We couldn’t see anything at that time though,” he added.

Betts also pointed out that he is a genuine skeptic when it comes to the UFO phenomenon:

I can’t offer any logical explanation, I am probably one of the most skeptical people you could find about things like this but I just can’t explain what it is. I know what it looks like though.”

Flying saucers have been reported in the vicinity of Loch Ness before, leading some to suspect a mysterious connection between the lake cryptid and aliens. Sure, why not?


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