UFO Spotted Over Asian Temple

January 1, 2019              Location: Hue, Vietnam

A person in Vietnam was at a temple when he noticed something hanging or flying over the temple. It was a long bullet shaped UFO. When the UFO was noticed it moved and seemed less visible as shown in these images:

UFO flying over the temple

UFO close-up

UFOs are usually seen over temples and old building structures, it was told because they have interest in human history and their cultures what we have and makes us who we are. 

As you can see the bulleted UFO is thin at the top and then it goes the same width all the way to the bottom of the spaceship until it looks like a half circle or maybe it the fire engine the boosted the UFO. This is absolutely a solid object that suddenly shows up and being spotted and tried to cloak itself as it fades away.

Proof that aliens do appear in different places especially historical areas.   

Tell us what you think about these images? And do think aliens are trying to learn the history of or the cultures of mankind?

Ragnar Larsen