UFO’s : How to see one? and How to increase your chances


Wycliffe Well, Australia

Wycliffe Well stakes its claim as Australia’s UFO capital. The sightings are so prevalent that UFOs are reported nearly every day.

Locals claim that if you visit and do not see a strange sight in the sky, you’re simply unlucky. Restaurants and caravan parks contain a trove of photos and comments of local sightings.

Nearby Woomera Prohibited Area, known for vehicle testing, is thought to be responsible for some of the sightings. The unexplained activity is so common, the area has been dubbed Area 52 or Australia’s Area 51.

Interstate 5, California

In January, February, and March of this year alone, citizens in the state of California reported over 11,000 UFO sightings – more than anywhere else in the country (3).

The vast majority of these sightings are spotted along Interstate 5, known as the Pacific Coast Highway, and within Los Angeles County. Strange airborne sightings have regularly been noted since 1947.

During World War II, the US military released a barrage of artillery shells into the skies of Los Angeles when civilians started reporting unidentified aircraft formations. Some believe the formations were Japanese aircraft while others pointed firmly to aliens.

When the smoke cleared, no aircraft was visible, though no successful contact was reported either.

Majority of Sightings

While these locations are only a handful of the many locations across the world, they offer some of the most established locations for unexplained aircraft both during the day and at night.

Alien activity has been reported all over the world, with the majority of sightings in the United Kingdom, southwestern United States, and India.

A map of reports can be viewed on the German website, The site offers links to videos and information about the sightings.

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