Unidentified Object Filmed Flying out of Lightning Storm

One of our readers sent us this tip about a short video showing an unidentified flying object exiting a storm cloud. Judging by its speed, we can assume it’s in a hurry to get out.

The video was taken on April 2, on the road between Alma and Republican City, Nebraska. The woman who filmed it presumably wanted to record the storm clouds but ended up catching something way more interesting.

Her video has already been seen almost a million times and while everybody has its own theory, the object remains unexplained. Some have suggested it’s actually a swarm of bees disturbed by the storm.

Others suggest it’s a jet flying low but that seems highly unlikely, for a number of reasons. First, its shape doesn’t really fit the profile. Also, it has no distinctive strobe lights as one would expect to find on a jet. The object is seen flying very low, which is very unusual as fighter jet pilots are advised not to do so in stormy weather conditions.

It’s hard to judge its speed but it seems to be supersonic. When jets break the sound barrier they’re accompanied by the unmistakable sonic boom. The fact that the object in the video is pretty much silent is intriguing, to say the least.

Upon closer inspection, you can see it leaves behind several puffs of what appears to be black smoke. The smoke quickly dissipates, leaving no trail.

The field of ufology has encountered similar objects before. Called air rods or skyfish, they have been described as elongated UFOs moving quickly and silently through the air. Perhaps this video shows one such rod hightailing it out of the storm cloud.

Naturally, we have to consider the possibility of CGI. We live in a day and age when video manipulation can be done by anyone with a computer so there is the chance that this short video was doctored. We’re inclined to believe it’s genuine.

What do you think?


Thanks for the tip, Allen!


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