Urban legends: The Caller (Egypt)

El Naddaha is an urban legend ghost in Egypt, her origin starts in the 1950s, she appeared to the adults, youngsters, and children who spend their time or playing on the Nile and also lakes near the countrysides. She’s mostly like a Siren, a beautiful woman who walks on shores at night or comes out of the water She starts to call the men or children by their names to come into her arms but the fact is you can’t resist her voice. She hypnotizes her victims with her voice and then the poor fellow goes to her and finds himself lured into the Nile and drowns to death.

Many people said that she sometimes falls in love with her victims and takes him to the underground and marry him but eventually she kills him and buries his bones from the fear that he might escape and tell her secrets to the world.

There are some people who ran away from the urban legend saying “If you ran away from her she will keep calling you over and over” she marks her victims until she gets to them. One of the doctors was treating a patient who claims he saw the (Al-Naddah) and he was asking him how did she look like? And he describes her as a tall slim woman with a black dress, silky hair and he said she was floating not walking and she wasn’t looking at him at first, but when he stared at her he had chills through his bones, speechless and out of breath .. and then she starts calling him by his name he couldn’t resist her voice through it was getting horribly when he is getting close and close; when she opened her eyes suddenly he could speak he shouted Al Naddaha .. Al Naddaha he snapped out and ran away as fast as he can and passed away when he reached his house when he wakes up finding himself at the hospital with his family around him shouting that why he went to the Nile at night.

Many doctors say that the victims who claimed they saw and Al Naddaha and possibly ran away they really didn’t … the true fact is every time the people who find them or the police, they found them passed away near the Nile or the shore and the victims were positively sure that they ran from here and went home or whatever place they went to.

Some police investigators said that there are many disappearances in the countrysides of adults, youngsters, children who lived near the Nile which explains maybe she took them to the underground where she lives. 

Not a single report has been recorded where a man is seen kidnapped or killed by her in front of them. But many local citizens believe she consumes or fiercely pulls her victims into the Nile and drowns them.

So if you’re going to Egypt… Please stay out of the shores or lakes at night or else ….. !!

Ragnar Larsen