Utsuro-Bune, the Mysterious Traveler from 19th Century Japan



In the early 19th century, two strange tales began circulating in Japan. They involved sailors meeting a mysterious woman in an equally mysterious ship. As the story goes, Japanese sailors encountered a ship aimlessly floating in the ocean. The circular vessel was covered and had glass windows. They towed the ‘boat’ to shore and out came a very beautiful woman with pale skin and red hair, clutching a box to her chest.

Interestingly enough, her ship were built with unknown materials and her clothes weren’t your usual run-of-the-mill either.

The sailors couldn’t get anything out of her since the woman did not speak their language. In the end, she climbed back into her ship and sailed away. However, this was not an isolated incident. The same ship and the same woman were reportedly seen in different parts of Japan in the following period. It is hard to believe that a large number of sailors accustomed to most ships and ship materials would have a hard time identifying a regular vessel.

Could this incident have had anything to do with the Bermuda Triangle’s lesser known counterpart, the Devil’s Triangle, located off the Southern coast of Japan? Although ships and their crew routinely disappear in treacherous waters, the Devil Triangle notoriously exceeds the average.

Many ufologists consider this one of the earliest modern unidentified sailing(?) object sightings.


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