Valiant Thor, the Alien who Worked for the U.S. Government

According to Phil Schneider, a geologist and engineer that had a level 1 government clearance, an alien once worked for the US government.

He was called Valiant Thor and he came from Venus. He had six fingers and an IQ of 1,200 and was over 500 earth years old. He was also fluent in more than 100 languages.
He left earth on March 16, 1960, not before warning us that we needed to change our ways.

Ragnar Larsen


  1. The Ancient gods of the Norse may have been Pleiadeans, tThe Tuatha De Danann. There may be a blonde haired blue eyed race of Venusians that are the Ancestors of the Nordic People, so perhpaps Thor could be from Venus.

  2. That is a Grey Alien or Zeta Reticulan, Thor was Human looking like any other human. This is a pic of Valiant Thor who resided on Earth for 3 years,

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