Vampires found in Bulgaria

While we were on the topic of supernatural beings and how people buried them for punishment in the afterlife, here is a story about Bulgarian archaeologists who found two graves belonging to vampires.

In 2013, archaeologists found a grave that had all the characteristics of belonging to someone people thought were Vampires, or undead. It was found on the Perperikon dig-site and the body had a Iron stake shoved into the chest. This was believed to prevent someone who has been bad or done terrible things while alive from rising after death. This particular ritual was mostly practiced in the middle ages, but with the body, archaeologists found coins dated back to the 13th and 14th century.

This is the first find of its kind at Perperikon, which archaeologists are still working on and finding new historical things that can tell us more about the past and how they treated the dead, e.g.
The site of Perperikon is regarded as a site of various religious activity and its history dates back as far as 7 000 years ago.

Aerial shot of Perperikon

But for the Vampire find, this isn’t the first time researchers find a body with these characteristics in Bulgaria. In 2012 another body was found at a dig-site in Sozopol. Where professor Nikolai Ovcharov said: “I say that he is almost a ‘twin’ of the Sozopol [vampire] because on the left side, between his neck and chest, there is a massive ploughshare. In other cases, we have found nails and spikes, but there is no other known case, except the one in Sozopol, where a ploughshare was used. It is a ritual to prevent undeath.”

Archaeologist Petar Valabanov, who in 2004 found six nailed-down skeletons at a site near the eastern Bulgarian town of Debelt, said that these pagan rituals have also been practiced in the neighboring Serbia and other Balkan countries.

Throughout Bulgaria, hundreds of bodies treated like vampires have been found. All of them men and all of them seemed to be prominent people.

This has of course led to a huge impact on the folklore of the region. As to the witch-story we told you about yesterday.

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Karl Gustav