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Perhaps you have heard much speculation about the Anunnaki and our ancient civilizations when researching about Reptilians, but find yourself a little confused over the entirety of the subject. Here, we will try to explain so you can better understand who the Anunnaki are and why they are closely tied to the Reptilian race of aliens.

According to history, there is a notion that ancient civilizations like Assyria and Babylon (language spoken was Akkadian) believed in “gods;” however, we believe that the mistake is rooted in the simple translation of the word used to describe what mainstream linguists say means “god,” which is “ilu” .

The Akkadian cuneiform tablets speak extensively about the affairs of ilu. The word “ilu” has been commonly mistranslated as “gods”, and this is what gives rise to the popular notions about ancient near Eastern religion. The interesting fact is that “ilu” has a different translation which is “tall guys,” but
despite the overall acceptance of this “mistake” of translation, they continue to translate “ilu” to mean “gods.” Is it a cover up? As far as we are concerned it is irrelevant to the subject matter and the ancient evidence points us to the truth about this word “ilu.”


The ilu were clearly anthropomorphic beings much taller than ordinary humans. In every epiction/illustartion where ilu and ordinary people are shown side by side the ilu are much taller and have been estimates to be
fourteen to fifteen feet tall. Many questions have sprung about to who were these ilu and if they were a genetic mutation of humans that went extinct?

The answer is provided for us by another ancient civilization that preceded the Assyrians and the Babylonians. This ancient civilization called their land SHU-MER, The Land of the Watchers, but Western scholars have decided to call it Sumer, apparently finding it easier to write and pronounce.

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Ragnar Larsen

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