We are the Anunnaki’s son’s

We are the Anunnaki’s sons, and have been given a push in our development by those minor gods. We are not alone in the Universe, and there exists Entities that are more advanced than us. Those Entities have been watching us and visiting periodically our Planet. All our Religions, that in a certain way teach basically the same, need to be reformulated, as in some cases we have been calling god some of those higher Entities

All that, and much more, is engraved in thousands of tablets that have survived for more than 5.000 years, preserved in the best possible way, as burnt clay! Those clay tablets were cooked by the fire of the library of Nineveh, and by that abnormal fact, were then given an extra resistance to endure time!

The big question is then, who is the Anunnaki’s God? The real Universal God?

The Real Universal God is a much more abstract one and is the togetherness of all Universal Consciousness. The Holly Spirit, the togetherness of all consciousness, is the Universal God, but by being such an abstract idea people have tended to forget, and revert to more humanized types of gods.

Quantum Theory tells us than man go on creating his own world, and in it resides the source of man free will.

We can by our conscience influence the way the wave will collapse. Everything being waves means we are all part of a Universal net, where anyone influences everyone! Evil is a man’s creation. The USA Military and economic cartels have kept some very important discoveries, particularly in the field of Energy generation, hidden from us, for more than 40 years.

To have no doubts about this so delicate and important subject, read the book that Steven M. Greer just published, called “Disclosure”. Steven is a M.D. Doctor, working in the emergency room of an American Hospital, who since 1993 has dedicated most of his time trying to force the American and other Governments to disclose all the facts they have hidden about Human contacts with Alien entities.

After reading his last book, you will be terrible scared, but deeply convinced that something very big and important has been kept hidden for too long, and so well hidden that even some American Presidents knew very little about it!

The late President Eisenhower in his last speech to the Country, in January 1961, alerted about the dangers of the “huge industrial and military machinery of defense”. This machinery does not respect anyone, not even the USA President, who they feel is a transitory person, while they are permanent ones. They have created a real perfect secret environment, where no one has the vision of the global, and neither the capacity to unblock the system.

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Ragnar Larsen

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