Werewolf skull found in Macedonia

Back in 2014, a farmer found a box while plowing a section of field in the town of Novo Selo in the Republic of Macedonia. This story was first reported to Ancient Origins from a historian, Filip Ganev, who was there to do research about a book he was going to write, about the Balkan wars.

Filip met the farmer who presented the chained box to mister Ganev, who opened it and saw a strangely shaped cranium. Its teeth were sharp and K-9 like, while the cranium was enlarged, which we can only find in primate species.

Filip Ganev took a picture of the skull and shared it with multiple experts in wildlife whom all said that it was probably the skull of a wolf who had a disease called Paget Disease, which results in an enlarged skull.

Is that true though?

The Balkan folklore has a huge impact from the Werewolf stories passed around for generations. These stories vary from country to country and region to region. They all have different stories of how one becomes a Werewolf. Some say that people are born with the ability to shapeshift into a Werewolf, and others say that you must be killed in a mortal sin or made a deal with the Devil to be able to shift.
In other regions they say that babies who are born hairy are more prone to be able to shapeshift later in life. All these differences in how one becomes a Werewolf are great and all, but they ALL had one thing in common, and that is how to dispose of a Werewolf corpse.

It was believed that all Werewolves had to be killed on Saturdays since that was the day they would be laying in their graves, resting. A parish priest would have to perform an exorcism, then decapitation and burning the body.

Karl Gustav