What Did The Atlanteans Look Like?

Atlanteans didn’t have blue skin or gills or fishtails.

Marvel Comics interpretation of the Atlanteans, Homo Mermanus

The theory is the Atlanteans are linked to the ancient Guanches and Berbers whose origins been elusive to anthropologists.

Guanches were described by a geographer Muhammad Al-Idrisi (12th century ) who visited the Canary Islands and found a mysterious indigenous population.  He wrote about visiting a village:  “whose inhabitants have long and flaxen hair and the women are of rare beauty.”  No one knows how the Guanches came to arrive on the Atlantic island.

Similar to the ancient Berbers (who lived in the evocatively named Atlas Mountains of Northern Africa), the Guanches are described as physically distinct from their Mediterranean and North African neighbors.  They were tan in complexion but tall in stature and tended to be fair haired.  These characteristics lend themselves to a rich mythology, which I propose the Atlanteans capitalized on.  They were the sons of gods, the “chosen ones.”  With their high-minded claims to heredity, they managed to colonize the pre-historic world.

Ragnar Larsen