More X-Files Confessions

The following is from a secret report released by an FBI special agent code-named JORDON, who has been involved with the intrigues taking place near Dulce, New Mexico and Area 51 [Dreamland] Nevada.

Among his fellow colleagues within the FBI, Jordon was often referred to as “The X-File Man “. ‘Jordon’ claims to be an abductee whose birth in 1962 was genetically engineered by “tall greys” that had apparently altered the genetic codes within the ovum of his human mother — who was also an abductee – and infused the genetic coding of the ovum with certain specific genetic characteristics taken from another female abductee for some undetermined purpose.

Although his life was being severely manipulated by the aliens, agents of the Department of the Navy apparently stepped-in to counter some of the machinations which the aliens were carrying out, using abductees like ‘Jordon’ as pawns in a vast game of cosmic chess.

With the permission of the agent himself, the following is reproduced from Mia Adams’ book “THE EXCYLES” [Escelta Publishing, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida — 1995].

Incidentally, the author uses the British spelling of Grey – with an ‘e ‘— rather than the American spelling of Gray – with an ‘a ‘— just in case the reader has wondered which is the ‘correct’ spelling… they are both ‘correct’:

The account I am about to give is based on my experiences and the personal investigation I have conducted over the past several months. I cannot, and in a few instances I am specifically prevented from, revealing where and when I acquired all of the information I will present. I will state that on two occasions I deliberately violated secure areas and on one occasion participated in a rather unorthodox field interrogation in order to obtain data. I also deliberately involved several innocent parties who, unfortunately, may become subject to penalties which should rightfully only be mine.

I have lied and have done so knowingly and repeatedly in order to elicit information and in order to cause governmental entities to react to moves they only thought I was making. I freely admit that I am guilty of abusing the power of my office and my credentials. I do not apologize for this, but I may soon become subject to the administrative or legal consequences of these actions. So be it. At the risk of appearing melodramatic, direr consequences may also follow. I can only state that, if resistance is within my power, I will not go quietly.

I am taking the precaution of disseminating this account [both on paper and on disks] to several individuals solely and exclusively as a means of forestalling the desirability of attempting to silence me entirely. It is my belief that revenge would not be the goal of those opposed to my efforts, but, rather, the prevention of the leakage of information… 

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